Moon Seong-gon opened his mouth about FA.

KBL held a 2023 professional basketball free agent (FA) briefing session on the 9th at the training center on the 5th floor of the Hyun-dong KBL Center. 16 out of 47 FA players participated. Among them, Moon Seong-gon (196cm, F) is selected as one of the biggest fish.

Moon Seong-gon, who made his debut in the 2015-2016 season, has only played for Anyang KGC since his debut. In particular, he grew into KGC’s franchise star by winning three of KGC’s four championships. Moon Seong-gon’s greatest strength is, of course, his defense. As a result, Moon Seong-gon received the Defender of the Year award for the first time in KBL history for four consecutive years.

Moon Seong-gon, whom we met at the FA briefing session, said, “This briefing session was really helpful. In the meantime, I heard a lot of stories from seniors, but there was something I didn’t know, so it was amazing,” he said about the briefing session.

He continued, “The season just ended, but there was no contact from other clubs, so I thought it was wrong. (Laughs) Actually, there has never been a season that I liked. I think this will be the same until right before his retirement,” he said, looking back at last season.카지노사이트

Although he excels in defense, his lackluster offense is singled out as Moon Seong-gon’s weakness. Recognizing this, Moon Seong-gon said, “If I had to give an excuse, I didn’t come out well last season due to a finger injury. But that’s just an excuse,” he said. It’s also something I have to control well. I think he needs to develop in attack,” he responded honestly.

This is Moon Seong-gon, who has only played for KGC since his debut. That’s why “KGC achieved a combined victory this time. Fans cheered tremendously. The season is over, but the afterglow of winning is still there. This will also affect your decision. The KGC club will take care of you and treat you well.” He expressed his affection for the KGC club and fans.

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