Former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, who represents Major League Baseball, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Associated Press and others reported on the morning of the 28th (Korean time) that Torre, who led the Yankees, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Baseball Digest, a major league magazine. Former director Torre became the third main character after Willie Mays in 2021 and Vince Curley in 2022. Former manager Torre beat Dusty Baker, Bob Costas, Sandy Koufax, Tony La Russa and Bill White to win the award.먹튀검증

Former manager Torre led the Yankees to six World Series championships from 1996 to 2007. In particular, his 2326 wins accumulated as his command tower ranks fifth in major league history. Torre was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame in 2014. After retiring from active duty in 2010, Torre joined the Major League Secretariat as vice president of baseball operations, and in 2020 served as a special assistant to Commissioner Rob Manfred.

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