A word that would come out of politics has appeared in the golf world. It is because of the war of nerves between Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland) and Patrick Reed (33, USA) who participated in the DP World Tour Hero Dubai Desert Classic, which opened in Dubai, UAE on the 26th.

On the 26th, golf media outlets such as Golf Digest evaluated, “The war of nerves between the two players may seem childish and trivial,” but “this is essentially the bench clearing of golf.” Just as the two teams fight collectively with beanballs in baseball, the conflict between McIlroy, the representative runner of the remaining group of the PGA Tour, and Reed, who plays in the LIV Golf Invitational Series (LIV), spreads into a fight for pride between the two camps. means there is 온라인카지노

It all started with New Year’s greetings. Reed approached McIlroy during training at the range and asked to say hello. McIlroy, who was squatting down and preparing for practice, ignored Reed’s greeting. Reid, who also shook hands with McIlroy’s caddy, was displeased with McIlroy’s disrespectful behavior. Then he turned and flicked the wooden tee at McIlroy with his fingers. The problem was that local media reported that Reed had thrown a tee at McIlroy. As the video containing the scene was released belatedly, opinions came out that it was too much to see that the tee was thrown, but the conflict did not subside.

The two players also faced each other fiercely. “It’s a pity (McIlroy’s reaction) because we’ve always had a good relationship,” Reid said. If you act like an immature child, you’d better be treated that way.” McIlroy said, “Patrick came to say hello, but I didn’t want to. He didn’t even feel the need to pretend he knew.”

In the process, it was also known that McIlroy received a subpoena from Reed’s lawyer on Christmas Eve last year to appear in court in connection with a lawsuit for violating antitrust laws. “If I was just trying to have fun with my family and someone showed up at the door and handed over (subpoenas), I wouldn’t take it,” McIlroy said. I don’t know how I can pretend nothing happened.” LIV players have filed antitrust lawsuits against the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour, which Reed’s attorneys are handling. Reed did not participate in the lawsuit.

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