After the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the March A match opponent of the national soccer team, which is starting anew, is revealing its outline.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 6th that it will hold a friendly A match against the Colombian national team on March 24th. The venue and kickoff time have not yet been confirmed.

As a result, the match against Colombia is expected to be the debut match for the newly appointed coach of the Korean national team.

Recently, a high-ranking official of the Japan Football Association mentioned that the match against Korea and Japan was also worth considering, and attention was focused on the possibility of a confrontation between Korea and Japan, the eternal rivals. announced plans. As a result, the war between Korea and Japan in March was virtually canceled.

Another opponent for the national team’s A match in March is highly likely to be South American powerhouse Uruguay. Recently, the Uruguayan media reported that the national team will play an away evaluation match between Korea and Japan in March.

Uruguay, ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings, is also a match against the evaluation match. In particular, since Uruguay and Uruguay clashed in the group stage of last year’s World Cup in Qatar and failed to win, a return match is expected to draw great attention.

The national soccer team, led by coach Paulo Bento at the time, recorded a 0-0 draw with Uruguay in the first leg of the group stage. After the game, most of the players expressed their regret for not winning, but it is noteworthy whether they will be able to face Uruguay again at home.

If the match against Uruguay is concluded, attention will be paid to whether key midfielder Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) will visit Korea. 토토사이트

In the World Cup match in Qatar, after blocking Lee Kang-in’s (Mallorca) dribble with a rough tackle, Valverde performed a somewhat radical uppercut ceremony and stood at the center of controversy over bad manners. Recently, he had a confrontation with Lee Kang-in in the Spanish Primera Liga, and once again raised eyebrows with a rough tackle.

In particular, Valverde, who received a warning after knocking down Lee Kang-in with a rough tackle, caused controversy by smiling instead of apologizing.

If Valverde, who is well hated by domestic fans, visits Korea with the Uruguay national team, he must be prepared to be booed to some extent.

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