Amid news that Mason Greenwood, Manchester United striker in the English Premier League (EPL), has been cleared of crimes such as attempted rape, claims have been raised that many Manchester United players are against his return. done.

On the 6th of local time, the British media outlet The Sun reported that “voices are coming out from within the Manchester United locker room that they do not want Greenwood to return.” The players are said to be concerned about the possibility that Greenwood’s return, which has been controversial in many ways, will affect United’s growth this season.

Greenwood was charged with assaulting a woman who was believed to be his girlfriend and forcing her to have sex with her. In January of last year, the woman posted a picture of her bloody face on her social media account.

Greenwood was arrested shortly thereafter on charges of attempted rape, assault, bodily harm and coercion. He was also immediately excluded from the Manchester United squad. His weekly wages were also stopped, and he was unable to participate in training. Manchester United quickly erased his traces, including stopping the sale of Greenwood-related merchandise.

Prosecutors launched an investigation and indicted Greenwood in October last year. He was once held in custody, but was quickly released and has been tried on bail. In the midst of this, Manchester United issued an official statement last week and said, “Local prosecutors have withdrawn all charges against Greenwood for his crimes.” I will not do it either,” he said.

The Sun claimed, citing sources, that “Man United players are happier than ever now and no one wants to rock the ship.” It is a story that Manchester United players, who are enjoying the air at the top of the league table for the first time in a while, do not want another noise about the club to come out. 카지노사이트

Manchester United are in third place in the Premier League rankings this season with 13 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. They are three points behind second-placed Manchester City. Manchester United only finished sixth in the 2021-22 season, and even this season, they lost in the first two games, including the opening match, and anxiety fell, but they quickly hit and climbed up.

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