In a situation where he could have passed the flow, the veteran’s pitching was brilliant and the Lotte Giants got a pleasant victory thanks to them.

Lotte won 10-6 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League away game against the NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on the 22nd. Lotte has been on a three-game winning streak since the KIA game on the 20th.

On this day, Lotte introduced foreign left-hander Charlie Barnes (30) as a starting pitcher. Barnes, who earned 12 wins in 186⅓ innings last year, has been somewhat sluggish this year. In the previous two games, he recorded an average ERA of 10.80 without a win.

In his first appearance, against Sajik LG on the 11th, he was shaken by giving up 6 walks in 4⅓ innings. It was to the point where it ended with 4 runs. On the 16th, against Samsung in Daegu, he endured well with 2 runs until the 5th inning, but allowed 6 runs only in the 6th inning, becoming a losing pitcher.먹튀검증

Barnes, who made his third appearance of the season, showed a not bad appearance in the beginning. After passing the first inning with a tripartite offense, he faced a confusing situation, such as a controversy over a 3-foot violation in the course of defending the bunt in the second inning. Barnes, who was on the verge of a safe 1st and 3rd base run, conceded a run on Oh Young-soo’s sacrifice fly.

Barnes, who came up after the team scored 5 points in the beginning of the 3rd inning, passed the bottom of the 3rd inning without conceding. However, in the 4th inning, Kim Joo-won hit a two-run home run and contributed two more runs. Still, in the 5th inning, no points were given despite the walk, and the team met the winning pitcher requirements as the team led 7-3.

However, Barnes faces a crisis again in the sixth inning. After allowing lead hitter Yoon Hyeong-jun to walk, he was hit by a left field double from Kim Joo-won, making it to second and third base safely. Lotte eventually replaced the mound with veteran Yoon Myeong-jun (34). In a situation where he could have been chased down to the bottom of his chin, Yoon Myeong-jun gave a ball that fit his body to No. 8 Park Dae-on and brought the bases full safely.

In a situation where one hit could lead to a two-point lead, Yoon Myeong-jun calmly pitched like a veteran. He showed off his curveball and forkball against Do Tae-hun first, and on the third pitch, he induced a fly ball with a 145km/h fastball, and third baseman Han Dong-hee caught up and made one out.

Then, at bat, top hitter Park Min-woo, who has maintained a good sense this season, came out. He was not good lately, but he was a player who could hit at any time. Yoon Myeong-jun threw two forkballs and recorded one ball and one miss. And he threw a slider that fell on the third pitch, and Park Min-woo hit it like throwing a bat. The batted ball went straight to the pitcher, and it became a double play from the catcher to the first baseman. The moment the third out count went up, Yoon Myeong-jun clenched his fists and roared.

Lotte, which overcame the crisis, succeeded in running away with Han Dong-hee making an RBI and a timely hit in the beginning of the 7th inning, and Kim Sang-soo, Choi Yi-jun and Choi Jun-yong came up and kept the lead to the end and won. Needless to say, the moment when Yoon Myung-jun prevented the crisis with the bases loaded safely was decisive.

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