Tottenham captain and main goalkeeper Hugo Lloris (36) was injured on the 6th.

Lloris started in the 6th round of the 2022-23 season English Premier League (EPL) against Manchester City held on the 6th. Lloris made a goalless save to lead his team to a 1-0 victory.

Unfortunately, he injured his knee in this match. Two days after the game, the British press reported, “The goalkeeper Lloris, who played against Manchester City last time, injured his knee ligaments. He will be out of action for at least six to eight weeks.”

Due to the injury of the main goalkeeper, Tottenham took an emergency. As Tottenham is 5th in the Premier League standings, the injury of the main goalkeeper cannot but be a bad thing.

In particular, Lloris was Tottenham’s main goalkeeper for the past 11 seasons, so there was no substitute resource. Across all competitions, he is a living legend who has played 443 matches for Tottenham alone.

When Lloris left due to injury, Tottenham took an emergency. With only candidate Fraser Foster, it is burdensome to entrust him with the goal.

So Tottenham started looking for a goalkeeper. Coincidentally, the player caught on the radar was also a poster. Former Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster. He is now completely retired and doing other things.

The British Daily Star recently reported that ‘Tottenham are seeking to sign Ben Foster, but the Premier League has blocked Foster’s signing’. 온라인바카라

It was a desperate feeling from Tottenham’s point of view that he had to return the retired player to active duty.

Foster retired from Watford in the summer after last season. He received an offer from Newcastle as a backup GK, but gave up and switched to social media.

Foster now runs a YouTube channel called ‘The Cycling GK’ and has started his own podcast, ‘Fozcast’. After his complete retirement, he started a new life.

Tottenham worked behind the scenes to sign such a poster, but Premier League clubs rejected it.

According to the regulations, there must be a special reason to register a new player outside the transfer period, but Foster said that this was not met. Tottenham was so urgent that it pushed for the recruitment of a retired player.

Meanwhile, as the transfer of Ben Foster was not feasible, Tottenham is said to be pushing for the scout of Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak.

Tottenham also had rumors of Oblak signing in the middle of last season. With Lloris’s declining skills, it was reported that he could pay up to £106 million (approximately 164 billion won), a buyout, to sign Oblak, but it was misplaced.

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