Portland escaped from the swamp of losing streak after repeated bloody battles.

The Portland Trail Blazers won 125-122 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular league home game against the Golden State Warriors held at Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, USA on the 9th (Korean time).

Portland broke off a two-game losing streak and moved up to 10th in the Western Conference. Damian Lillard (33 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists) made all 16 free throws and even recorded a triple double, and Jerami Grant (22 points, 4 rebounds) did his part.

On the other hand, Golden State, where Stephen Curry has a hiatus, ended his two-game winning streak and fell to ninth place. Jordan Pool (38 points, 7 3-point shots, 7 assists) and Klay Thompson (31 points, 7 3-point shots, 3 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals) made a total of 21 3-pointers, but swallowed regret due to lack of back heart. 카지노

Portland started the game well. At the beginning of the first quarter, he tied the rebound advantage and Lillard’s breakthrough power to take the lead. Portland gave away 3-pointers to Poole and Thompson in the middle of the first quarter and was chased away for a while, but at the end of the first quarter, Portland showed an even score distribution centered on Lillard and escaped Golden State’s pursuit again.

After finishing the first quarter 34-27, Portland faced a crisis in the second quarter. At the beginning of the second quarter, the bench members opened up the gap by tying support shots, but after that, they failed to block Thompson, who went in and out, providing an excuse for pursuit. Portland eventually gave up a come-from-behind goal to Andrew Wiggins and allowed Poole a buzzer beater to end the second quarter with a score of 63-67.

The third quarter was an unpredictable close game. In Portland, Grant, who had been silent for a while, regained his firepower, and Lillard fired a stepback 3-pointer, but Golden State counterattacked with the firepower of Thompson and Poole. Portland finished the third quarter with a score of 95-95 when Shayden Sharp combined a Trendon Watford and Alleyoop dunk just before the end of the third quarter.

It was Portland who showed their back in the close game. In the middle of the 4th quarter, Portland allowed Poole to turn around by giving 5 points in a row, and after that, Grant and Lillard scored 9 points in a row to break away from Golden State’s pursuit. 35.7 seconds before the end of the game, they ran away with a 7-point lead thanks to Nasir Little’s dunk shot. Afterwards, Portland stopped Golden State’s pursuit with a three-point shot, and escaped from two consecutive losses after a close game.

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