The Portland Trail Blazers (hereafter Portland) defeated the Atlanta Hawks (hereafter Atlanta) thanks to the performance of Damian Lillard (32).

Portland beat Atlanta 129-125 by 4 points in the NBA 2022-23 season regular league home game held at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, USA on the afternoon of the 31st (Korean time). This made Portland 24-26 and Atlanta 25-26.

On this day, Lillard led the team to victory with 100% free throw success rate (15/15), along with 40 points and assists, including five 3-pointers. Anfernee Simons had 21 points and seven assists, including five 3-pointers, while Jeremy Grant assisted Lillard with 22 points. In Atlanta, Deyonte Murray contributed 40 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, including 5 3-pointers, and Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 23 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, including 4 3-pointers.

Both teams aimed for an attack accompanied by 3-point shots and assists, as the guard position was the center of the team’s offense. The difference between the two teams was the difference in field goal success rate and fast break score. Atlanta scored 46.8% (44/94), but fell behind Portland, who had a 43/79 success rate of 54.4% (43/79). Portland also had a higher success rate by throwing 6 more 3-pointers, 19, and completely outperformed Atlanta in fast break scoring 14-2. (Portland 3-point success rate 47.5%) 먹튀검증

As shown in the score sheet, the two teams fought fiercely until the end of the game. In the second half of the third quarter, when Portland was gradually gaining the victory, Lillard succeeded in widening the lead to 10 points with a Steback 3-point shot. This was the largest score difference in the match.

In addition, Portland found a way out even in the bench area, which was pushed by Nasir Little’s hard work at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Thus, the Portland bench players handed the baton to the starters while maintaining the score. However, Atlanta also started to wake up slowly with DeAndre Hunter’s scoring, and Murray led it in clutch time.

In addition, Atlanta added Bogdanovic, who had a good shot today, and tied the game in the 1st minute. But it was Simons who saved Portland from a crisis. Simons boldly climbed the 3-pointer and took the lead again. In the ensuing attack, Bogdanovic made a fatal error of missing two of the free throws he earned on a 3-point foul.

Afterwards, Portland got hit with a 3-pointer by Bogdanovic, but Grant and Lillard scored all the free throws to run away. Accordingly, Portland took a sweaty victory over Atlanta by 129-125, 4 points.

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