Elling Haaland is satisfied with his Manchester City life.

‘Monster’ Holland is having an all-time great season. After standout with Salzburg and Dortmund, he challenged England this season. There was no disagreement about his ability, but as it is the English Premier League (EPL), which is considered the most competitive stage in the world, there were some concerns about adaptation.

This was just a whim. He scored multiple goals from the opening game and continued his scoring pace. Having scored 35 goals in the league alone, he surpassed Mohamed Salah (32 goals) and ranked first in the most points in a single season with 38 games, and surpassed Alan Shearer and Andy Cole (34 goals) to become the all-time top scorer in a single season.

What’s even more surprising is that the season isn’t over yet. He has a good chance of reaching the ‘Ma’s 40 goals’ height in the remaining games as he has 4 remaining league games left.

Even in the European competition, he is maintaining a monstrous performance. In the English FA Cup, he scored 3 goals in 3 matches, leading the team to the final, and also scored 12 goals in 8 matches in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), ranking first in scoring. The gap with ‘second place’ Salah (8 goals) is 4 goals, but as Liverpool have been eliminated from the UCL, Holland’s chances of becoming the top scorer are higher.먹튀검증

Now in his first season at Manchester City, Haaland was linked with transfer rumors last winter. Strong links with Real Madrid emerged when it was revealed that there was a buyout clause in his contract. Of course, this has calmed down for now, but among Man City fans, anxiety that Haaland could leave the team within two to three years has crept in.

Indeed, Holland’s initial plan was three years. Paul Hurst of the British media ‘Times’ said, “Holland’s original plan was to stay at Man City for only three seasons.”

But his 3 years was too short. Haaland is so happy with his Manchester City life that he hopes to stay a little longer. “Right now, Haaland is enjoying his time at Manchester City. He has the potential to stay at least one more season than originally planned,” Hirst said. Haaland’s current contract with Manchester City runs until 2027. According to Hirst, Haaland is unlikely to leave Manchester City before he completes the terms of his current contract.

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