“I can’t guarantee that I will win, but there is a flow in the game, so I am confident.” Last year

, K League 2 (second division) FC Anyang met Suwon Samsung, which ranked 10th in K League 1, in the promotion playoffs.

With the first game tied 0-0, expectations for the second game were high. However, just before the end of the second half of extra time, Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) couldn’t stop his head and lost 1-2, failing to achieve the K-League 1 promotion he had hoped for. It was itself. Even if they lasted only 1 minute, no, 10 seconds, they could leave their fate in the penalty shootout.

Ahead of the new season, Anyang will start again in K-League 2. What is interesting is that Kim Kyung-joong and Akosti became first division players with Suwon. The departure of the two resources, which have good lateral speed and can be used anywhere in the second line, was a pain in itself. 토토사이트

“I think the outline will come out after 13 teams fight once,” said Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung, who we met at The-K Hotel in Umyeon-dong, Seoul on the 21st. It is important who competes with Kim Cheon for the lead. First of all, it is my personal goal for Anyang to be in the top 3,” he explained.

When I think of Suwon, my heart hurts. it seems There are many other teams, but it was just us,” he said, expressing regret. He continued, “It’s speculation and there’s no exact basis, but I feel like we didn’t contact (before the promotion playoffs).”

That means that coach Lee has solidly built up his strength last year. So, coach Lee said, “I want to meet again this year (at Suwon and the lift PO). I can’t guarantee that I will win, but I am confident because there is a flow in the game,” he said, expressing his desire to take revenge last year.

Anyang’s aspiration is promotion to K-League 1. Always unfortunately pushed out of the lift PO. That’s why direct promotion to 1st place is the best. However, coach Lee said, “Gimcheon is the best this year, including the previous Sangju days. Starting with Won Doo-jae, there are Lee Young-jae, and there are many national-level players. With that kind of composition, you can go to Final A in K League 1, right? However, fighting here, the K League 2 coaches are frustrated,” he said with a laugh.

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