Seoul representatives Lee Eun-chae (20) and Kim Min-woo (27, Seoul City Hall) defeated Gangwon representatives Kim Seon-yeong (30, Gangneung City Hall) and Jeong Young-seok (28, Gangwon-do Office) to win a mixed double in the general division of curling at the Winter Sports Festival ( Mixed 2-member) won the championship.  

Lee Eun-chae and Kim Min-woo won the gold medal by defeating Kim Seon-yeong and Jeong Young-seok 8-6 in the curling mix doubles final of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival held at Uijeongbu Curling Stadium on the 19th.

As a result, Lee Eun-chae and Kim Min-woo lost 10-11 to Kim Seon-yeong and Jung Young-seok in the 21st President’s Cup Mixed Doubles final held in Uiseong, Gyeongbuk last November, and became the strongest combination in Korea, blaming the pain of finishing runners-up.

Like a rival match, the match was tight from the beginning.  

When the Seoul Federation scored 3 points in the 2nd and 3rd ends, the Gangwon Federation chased after 2 points in the 1st and 4th ends, ending the first half with Seoul leading 3-2. 

Gangwon succeeded in stealing 1 point (the leading team scored) in the 5th end, which was greeted with the lead, and tied the score 3-3.

However, Seoul scored 4 points in the 6th end, widening the score to 7-3. 바카라

Gangwon, who went in pursuit, launched a ‘power play’ strategy in the 7th end to give them an advantage in scoring, and won 3 points and followed closely with a score of 7-6.    

However, in the final 8th end, the Seoul Federation also performed a power play strategy and added 1 point to confirm the championship.

Previously, in the semi-finals, Gangwon (Kim Seon-yeong, Jeong Young-seok) won against Daejeon (Jang Hye-ri, Park Jin-woong) 8-4, and Seoul (Lee Eun-chae, Kim Min-woo) defeated Gyeonggi (Kim Su-ji and Kim Jung-min) 11-7 to advance to the final.

Kim Min-woo, who won the championship, said, “I tried hard because my grades in the general 4-member division were not very good, but I am happy because I got good results.” It was nice to do that,” he said. 

As a member of the 4-member national team Seoul City Hall (skip Byung-jin Jung, third Jung-jae Lee, second Min-woo Kim, lead Tae-hwan Kim, coach Jae-bong Yang), Min-woo Kim, who is about to compete in the ‘2023 World Men’s Curling Championships’ to be held in Ottawa, Canada in April, said, “Due to the time difference in Canada, I want to adapt well and do well at the world championships.” 

Lee Eun-chae said, “It feels good because it is my first win after joining Seoul City Hall. I think I made it more comfortable because he led me.”

He continued, “(Seoul City Hall) oppas teach me a lot of things they don’t know while training together, and buy me a lot of delicious things. I learn a lot while watching my oppas, and I want to make up for the disappointment of last season and even win the Korean Championship within this season.”

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