Taean County, Chungcheongnam-do, announced on Feb. 22 that the ‘2023 FK Cup (CUP) Futsal Competition’ will be held at the Taean General Gymnasium and Taean Minjang Gymnasium from Feb. 30 to March 9.

Organized and hosted by the Korea Futsal Federation, the tournament is the only cup competition that brings together 14 teams from the FK League, the country’s top futsal league, as well as teams from other sports.

More than 1,500 players from 48 teams across the country will participate. It will be broadcast on cable network SKY Sports and YouTube.카지노

On the first day, the 30th, the FK League All-Star Game will be held. There will also be futsal clinics for elementary, middle, and high school aspirants, guest singers and cheerleaders, a cannon shooting contest, and more.

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