We’re running out of constants.

Kiwoom was last year’s Korean Series runner-up. They’re the only one of the 10 teams without a franchise Korean Series title, so they’re sharpening their knives this year. But the season hasn’t been easy. As of the 10th, they are in 7th place with 38 wins, 2 ties, and 43 losses. It’s not a huge gap, but it’s certainly not a good enough pace.

The mound, which is ranked No. 1 (13.38) in pitcher WAR (Wins Above Replacement) by KBO League statistician Statiz, is not a problem. The offence is where the frustration lies. The team ranks seventh with a .256 batting average. The lack of offensive balance makes it difficult to find the right time to hit.

Kiwoom has the advantage of having two of the league’s top hitters in Kim Hye-sung and Lee Jeong-hoo. However, having only two reliable cards is also a weakness. There is no ‘fixer’ to support them. The two batsmen are struggling, but it’s not enough.카지노

Outside hitter Edison Russell is sorely missed. After batting .286 with four home runs and 42 RBIs in 59 games last season, he was lost to the first team with a left wrist injury. He’s not the Yasiel Puig of last year, but he’s the difference between having and not having.

He had a team-high 208 at-bats in the fourth spot in the batting order and was consistent in his RBI production. He is second on the team behind Lee Jung-hoo (44). He is followed by Kim Hye-sung (33 RBI). Aside from these three, there are no other Kiwoom players in the top 30 in the league in RBIs. Russell’s void is just as big.

This is why Kiwoom head coach Hong Won-ki struggles with line-ups. Hong has used 82 different line-ups in 83 games this year. That’s the most among the 10 teams. This compares to LG’s 50 lineups in 80 games.

“There are no fixed spots except for Kim Hye-sung at No. 2 and Lee Jung-hoo at No. 3. The rest of the batting order (which changes every time) doesn’t mean much. It’s just a matter of thinking about how to convert runs into runs.”

In Russell’s absence, Lee Hyung-jong, Lee Won-seok, and Kim Woong-bin have been batting in the No. 4 spot, but they’re not doing enough. The team’s batting average of .252 (seventh) and 35 home runs (ninth), among other key numbers, remain adrift. To make matters worse, Lee Won-seok left the first team on the 9th. Hong said, “It’s the aftermath of the last hard hit ball (against Gochuk NC on the 4th). We decided it was better for him to fully recover and prepare for the second half of the season.”

No quick fixes in sight. I’m hopeful that Russell is making progress, but it’s time to let him go for the first half. This is a group of heroes who need to turn things around in the second half when they are fully fit.

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