The nervous battle was as fierce on the field as it was in the standings. It was a victory for Daegu FC, thanks to the presence of Vasellus, who dominated second-half stoppage time.

Daegu won 1-0 in the 30th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 against Suwon Samsung at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. The game was fiercely contested throughout the 90 minutes, with Daegu’s Beltola receiving a red card for an aggressive elbow. The home team Suwon had a numerical advantage and tried to get at Daegu’s goal, but it didn’t lead to anything decisive. Instead, it was Vassellus, who led the lone attack in second-half stoppage time, who finally scored the winning goal.

With the win, Daegu extended its league winning streak to three games and moved into fourth place in the league for the first time this season (11W, 11D, 8L, 44 points).

With the loss, Suwon falls to 5W, 7D, 18L, and 22P in the league, unable to climb out of 12th place. The absence of an offense was once again painfully evident, as the team failed to create effective offensive chances despite their numerical advantage.

Led by head coach Kim Byung-soo, Suwon deployed a 3-5-2 formation. Park Hee-Jun and Ahn Byung-Jun were deployed up front. The midfield consisted of Kim Bo-Kyung, Go Seung-Bum, and Kazuki. On the flanks were Kim Tae-hwan and Kim Kyung-joong. The back three was Park Dae-won, Kim Joo-won, and Lee Kyu-seok, with Yang Hyung-mo in goal. Werikpopo, Mulicic, and Lee waited on the bench. It was noticeable that Kim Bo-Kyung got his first start in two months. “I thought she could help the two top players well,” said coach Kim Byung-soo.

Daegu, coached by Choi Won-kwon, lined up in a 3-4-3. Vasellus-Edgar-Go Jae-hyun were deployed up front. Beltola and Park Se-jin were in the middle, while Hong Chul and Jang Sung-won were on the flanks. The back three was Kim Kang-san, Hong Jeong-woon, and Kim Jin-hyuk, and the goalkeeping gloves were worn by Choi Young-eun. Hong Chul, who celebrated his birthday on this day, stepped onto the field of Suwon World Cup Stadium wearing the captain’s armband.

It was Vasellus who set the tone early in the first half, beating five Suwon players down the halfway line before sliding a pass into the box to Go Jae-hyun in the seventh minute. Go Jae-hyun immediately tried to cut back, but his first touch wasn’t quite right and he couldn’t get a shot off. Three minutes later, Kim Tae-hwan tried his luck from outside the box on the left, but Choi Young was there to save. In the 11th minute, a cross from Vassellus led to a header from Edgar, but the ball went over the top of the goal.

In the 14th minute, Kim Joo-won took a shot from a corner kick, but it went wide right of the goal. Three minutes later, Ko Jae-hyun broke through on a dribble against Park Dae-won, but Ko Seung-beom made a great save.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyu-seok, who was making his K League 1 debut on the day, struggled with a series of tough challenges. First, he got tangled up with Hong Jung-woon in a contested situation and complained of pain. Later, he went down with leg pain after colliding with Vasellus.

Suwon had the decisive chance in the 27th minute. Ahn Byung-jun received a pass in the back from Kim Tae-hwan and went straight for a left-footed shot. His shot deftly evaded the arm of Choi Young-eun, but the ball sailed just wide of the right side of the goal. Daegu responded with a left-footed curling shot from Ko Jae-hyun, but it went wide of the left side of the goal.

In the 42nd minute, Suwon had another chance. They beat the Daegu defense with a neat buildup at the back. Go Seung-bum received a pass from Kim Bo-kyung and tried to shoot with his left foot, but was blocked by Kim Jin-hyuk’s physical defense. Both teams then engaged in a fierce battle for the ball. Suwon finally won the ball, and after receiving a pass from Kazuki, Kim Bo-kyung sprinted forward, but was blocked by Kim Kang-san. Two minutes of first-half stoppage time came to nothing.

Kim Byung-soo took out three substitutions at the start of the second half. Mulic, Werikpopo, and Iheanacho took the field at the same time. Kim Bo-Kyung, who made his first start in two months, was substituted after the first half.

The rough play continued in the second half. In the second minute, Vasellus and Lee Kyu-suk collided strongly after competing for an aerial ball. The players gathered and tried to mediate, but Vassellus was still disappointed with the call.

In the sixth minute of the second half, Hong Chul’s free kick was met by Hong Jung-woon, who attempted a header that only changed direction, but this time he was unable to shake the goal.

Both Suwon and Daegu were then left wanting in their attacking finishing. Hong Chul’s pass failed to reach the feet of Vassellus, and Suwon’s counterattack with Mullich was also blocked by the defense.

In the ninth minute of the second half, the game-changing decision came. Shortly after Suwon’s attack was thwarted, Beltola committed an aggressive foul on Werikpopo, leading to a video assistant referee (VAR) review. Beltola raised his right elbow a little too high. Daegu was outnumbered.카지노

Suwon then went on the attack. Welik Popo, Mulicic, and Kim Tae-hwan all had shots on goal, but they were blocked by the Daegu defense.

Similar scenes were repeated over and over again. The tempo of the game was interrupted by rough play, and direct shots on goal did not occur until the 30th minute. Soon after, Vaselus tried to break down the left flank on his own, but there was no one to receive it from the outnumbered Daegu. In the 31st minute, Edgar slid under pressure from Park Dae-won inside the Suwon box, but his shot was headed straight at Yang Hyung-mo.

The first shot on target in a long time came from Mulicic’s toe. In the 36th minute, an attempted mid-range free kick flew threateningly close, but Choi Young got a hand to it.

Nine minutes of second-half stoppage time. Daegu Vassellus was involved in three attacking chances, all of which came to nothing. However, Vassellus rattled the net on their fourth chance. In the sixth minute of stoppage time, he beat the Suwon defense one-on-one before stepping into the box and rattling the net. It was Vassellus’ fourth goal of the league.

There was silence in the Suwon home stands afterward. Even Mulicic’s final header went wide of the target. Daegu earned their third straight league win, while Suwon suffered their third straight league loss.

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