KGC won the game by setting the mood from the beginning of the game.

Anyang KGC met Changwon LG in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th and won 89-67.

KGC took the mood from the first quarter. Blocked the opponent’s inside and outside scoring. In addition, Oh Se-geun led the team’s attack by scoring 14 points. He scored 15-3 late in the quarter to make it 30-17. And the atmosphere continued in the second quarter. Scores were still evenly scored from inside and outside, and the score gap was clearly widened. Oh Se-geun’s 3-point shot 22 seconds before the end of the second quarter made it 59-37.

KGC widened the score by scoring 12-3 at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. However, in the middle of the quarter, Byun Jun-hyung was fouled out, and since then he has only scored 4 points. On the contrary, I gave 11 points to my opponent and the score gap narrowed. However, Park Ji-hoon and Oh Se-geun took the lead in the 4th quarter to maintain the score difference and win the game with the remaining time. 메이저놀이터

KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said in an interview after the game, “I didn’t lose defense and rebounds in the beginning. “I won big on the rebound,” he said. “Spellman held up well inside. All the other players also worked hard. There was a loose side when the opponent chased in the third quarter. Later, I called time and talked and showed my concentration.”

“Everybody knew it was an important match. Players know the importance of defense and rebounding. So it seems to have worked out well,” he said, emphasizing his superiority in defense and rebounding.

On the other hand, LG could not control the opponent’s height from the beginning of the game. He gave up offensive rebounds in succession. This led to a score. On the contrary, he could not break through the attack and gave the opponent an atmosphere. It was still there in the 2nd quarter. Kim Joon-il played hard, scoring 10 points, but was unable to control the opponent’s score and finished the first half with 37-59.

LG was pushed back even at the beginning of the third quarter, and the score gap widened to 31 points. But the players did not give up. Lee Kwan-hee’s consecutive 3-pointers started with Yang Jun-seok’s scoring. Thanks to the performance of the two players, LG succeeded in 15-2 runs. narrowed the score gap. But no more was enough. I did my best to the end, but I couldn’t narrow the score gap.

LG coach Jo Sang-hyun, who we met after the game, said, “It seems like the worst game this season. pushed in the beginning. They are talented in defense, but in the early stages, even the defense collapsed.”

He continued, “In the third quarter, they showed their defensive ability. But the start was wrong. My fault is the biggest. I will come out well prepared again.”

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