Kim Min-ki (42) won the opening match of the Champions Classic, which only players over the age of 42 participate in on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour.

Kim Min-ki won the first leg of the KLPGA Champions Classic 2023 (total prize money of 70 million won, championship prize money of 10.5 million won) held at the Gunsan Country Club (par 72) Jeonju (OUT) and Iksan (IN) courses in Gunsan, Jeonbuk on the 21st.

Kim Min-ki showed flawless play with only 4 birdies in the final round and lifted the championship trophy with a final total of 7 under par 137 strokes.먹튀검증

Kim Min-ki won her second career victory in about 7 months after winning her first Champions Tour victory in the first round of last year’s KLPGA PLK Champions Classic 2022.

Kim Min-ki, who joined the KLPGA in 2001, was active on the regular tour until the 2006 season, and she stopped her tour activities from the 2007 season to the 2009 season. He returned to the 2010 season and went back and forth between the Dream Tour and the regular tour, winning his first championship in his 2011 Dream Tour season, but ending his tour career in the 2016 season due to a back injury.

Kim Min-gi, who was a leader at the Gaya Country Club Academy, returned to the Champions Tour in the 2022 season at the recommendation of the academy director.

Kim Min-ki said, “Winning is really good every time. If I win, I feel good because I can keep my promise to buy toys for my son.”

Regarding his goals for this season, he said, “I always aim to have fun rather than being greedy for the Champions Tour prize money.”

Song Jae-il (25, Srixon) won the 2023 Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Srixon Tour (Part 2) 5th tournament (total prize money 80 million won, championship prize money 16 million won) held at Gimcheon Podo CC (par 72) in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk. .

Song Jae-il won two consecutive championships following the last four competitions.

On the final day of the tournament, Song Jae-il reduced 5 strokes by tying 6 birdies and 1 bogey, and lifted the championship trophy with a final total of 11 under par and 133 strokes, beating the tied 2nd place group by 2 strokes.

Song Jae-il said, “I am happy to have won two consecutive tournaments and won a lot of wins.” done,” he said.

Song Jae-il took first place in both the Srixon points and Srixon prize money rankings of the KPGA Srixon Tour in the 2023 season with 33,068 points and 33,087,200 won, respectively.

Song Jae-il was active on the KPGA Srixon Tour in 2020 and entered the top 10 four times, including one win, and climbed to third place in Srixon points to earn the right to participate in the KPGA Korean Tour in 2021.

Song Jae-il said, “This season, my goal is to return to the KPGA Korean Tour as the No. 1 player in Srixon points.”

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