“I care about trying to be the best.”

Kim, 28, San Diego Padres, is a candidate for the National League Gold Glove at shortstop in 2022 and could be a candidate for the National League Gold Glove at second base this season. As of the end of last week, he led all major league second basemen in DRS (+13), a metric that measures a defender’s ability to limit runs.

Kim will continue to make highlight reels on defense this season. After playing third base in 2021 and shortstop in 2022, he’ll start at second base this season. He’ll also play third base when Manny Machado is out, and shortstop when Xander Bogaerts is rested. San Diego believes that Kim can play any position in the infield with his ironclad defense.

Manny Machado, who signed an 11-year, $350 million (KRW 45.75 billion) extension this year, is especially fond of Kim. “The major leagues are a learning experience for him. He’s from a different country, he’s experiencing a different culture. It’s completely different from what he’s used to.”

“He embraced it, and he kept working on it. It’s showing today. He cares about always striving to be the best. There are things he’s learned from me, but at the end of the day, he’s doing well for himself.”

Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation Inside the Padres wrote, “Machado, Bogaerts, Juan Soto and others are inconsistent. They rely on guys like Trent Grisham, Lugnard O’Dowd, and Ha-Sung Kim. Kim is a big part of the team.”스포츠토토

The outlet noted that Kim has filled in nicely for Machado, and has also been a focal point on defense while Bogut has been dealing with wrist pain. Machado said he likes the youngster and has always thought highly of his potential.

According to Inside the Padres, “Ha Sung Kim has become a fan favorite in San Diego. Few players get a bigger cheer at Petco Park than when he steps up to the plate. If he wins a Gold Glove, it will be a huge deal for him.”

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