KIA Tigers 1st round rookie pitcher Yoon Young-cheol said, “I am happy to see seniors throwing themselves. I will learn a lot” ahead of their departure for overseas training (Tucson, Arizona, USA). In particular, he could not hide his anticipation for being able to work with KIA ace Yang Hyeon-jong (35), whom he chose as a role model. 

KIA brought many pitchers with little first-team experience to this first spring camp, such as Hoo-seop Song, Tae-gyu Lee, Yu-shin Kim, and Ji-min Choi. For them, Yang Hyeon-jong’s exercise can be an example. The same goes for pitchers who have already proven their skills on the first team stage, such as Jung Hae-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, and Kim Ki-hoon. 

The problem is time. Yang Hyeon-jong will join the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team from the 14th. Both the national team and KIA train at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, but they have no choice but to fall physically. KIA’s first camp is until the 23rd. There are less than 10 days left for Yang Hyeon-jong and KIA junior pitchers to breathe on the ground. At least one day out of four is a holiday. 

Yang Hyeon-jong laughed, saying, “For pitchers who are too young, such as Yoon Young-cheol, I think, ‘Can I accept any advice I give?’ At the same time, Yang Hyun-jong said, “If rookie players or players who are new to the first camp do their best with the goal of entering the opening entry, not only individual skills but also team power will improve. I always go to camp with that expectation. I hope everyone does well.” He also left a good word. 

I have no intention of neglecting my role as a senior member of my team just because I am working on the national team schedule. Yang Hyeon-jong said, “First of all, it is easy to move because the national team and KIA use the same facility. The KIA regular season is as important as the WBC. I will digest the national team training and train with my teammates.” 

Na Seong-beom (34), the pillar of the batting line, also joined the WBC national team. Digest the same schedule as Yang Hyeon-jong. In the KIA, a large number of players with little first-team experience, such as Yasujindo Hong Jong-pyo, Byeon Woo-hyuk, Kim Seon-woo, and Shin Beom-soo, were named to the first camp.  온라인바카라

Na Seong-beom, who is about to start the second season after moving to KIA, said, “I think there are still many juniors who are struggling with me. First of all, I hope they come to me often. If I can help them, I will do my best to help them. I am always open.” 

In the middle of last season, Na Seong-beom smiled, saying, “Except for Kim Ho-ryeong, who was my roommate at the spring camp, there seems to be no juniors who are actively approaching.” As much as he transferred to KIA a year ago, he is not on the side of leading the juniors from the front. 

That’s why he tends to have more in-depth conversations with juniors seeking advice. Na Seong-beom said, “I’m just a little older. I don’t think I’m a veteran yet. I’m just a senior who helps my juniors.” 

Na Seong-beom, who is about to join the WBC national team, did not hesitate to say, “I hope that my juniors will not get hurt and achieve their goals set before this camp and return home.”  

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