Merrill Kelly (35 Arizona) summoned Major League Baseball legend Greg Maddux. He is one of the KBO’s most successful reverse-export pitchers to the United States.

Kelly, who played for SK (now SSG) from 2015 to 2018 before returning to the U.S. to fulfill his dream of making it to the major leagues, has been a top-notch starter this season. As of Sept. 30, he is tied for first in the NL with six wins (three losses) and fifth with a 2.83 ERA.

Kelly made his big league debut after returning from playing in South Korea. Since then, he’s gained experience and hit the jackpot this year. He is currently tied with Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers), Justin Verlander (Chicago Cubs), and Zach Galen (Arizona) with six wins.

His fastball, which averages in the low 90s, and his off-speed pitches and changeup have made him a seasoned pro against major league hitters. Boston manager Alex Cora, who was shut out by Kelly on May 29, told, the official website of Major League Baseball, “His delivery was perfect. He used the strike zone in a way that reminded me of Maddux. He’s one of the best pitchers in the league. We just couldn’t get the win.”스포츠토토

Kelly, who made it to the major leagues after a successful stint in Korea, is writing his own big league success story with a performance reminiscent of Maddux.

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