The Korean Basketball League (KBL) is stepping in to help the Goyang Day One Basketball team, which is facing a difficult time due to the club’s suspension.

The KBL announced on the 17th that it will start taking practical protective measures against former Day One Sports players from the 19th. The 19th is the start date for players to begin training (team training is prohibited for 60 days after the season ends).

After a general meeting on the expulsion of Day One Sports on the 16th, the KBL explained future measures to the players, including the guarantee of all 18 players. Accordingly, the players will begin training as soon as they finalize the agreement with the Goyang Gymnasium they have been using. Preparations for emergency living funds and salary payments will be made, as well as measures to hold Day One Sports accountable.

The KBL said, “Efforts to find a company to take over the players will be in full swing, and we plan to receive support and cooperation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.”

Earlier that same day, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said in a press release that it “urged the Korean Basketball League (KBL) and Day One to make responsible efforts to ensure that the players are not harmed in connection with the Goyang Day One situation.” The KBL, which had already announced its measures the day before, once again expressed its support for the players amid criticism from the MOC.

NAVER was expelled from the league’s membership at the KBL’s board of directors and general assembly on April 16. The league concluded that “Day One has no intention or ability to operate the club normally. Rather than resolving player salary arrears and other issues, Day One has been consistent in its false and irresponsible attitude, which has greatly undermined the trust and stability of the league,” the league said in its reasons for the expulsion.스포츠토토

DaeWon entered professional sports in May last year by acquiring the Goyang Orion, but was unable to pay its 1.5 billion won subscription fee on time as its parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, faced business difficulties. In addition, the team’s wages have been delayed for several months as the team works to resolve the non-payment. According to a Newsis report, captain Kim Kang-sun (37) said after a press conference at the National Assembly on the 14th, “I haven’t received my salary for four to five months, so I bought and wore shoes, and I took care of my own meals. Even players who are preparing to get married are having a hard time because they have no money.”

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