San Diego suffered a series of run-ins and suffered a loss against Kansas City, which was in the bottom. One of them occurred while Kim Ha-seong was at bat, leaving even more regret. 

The San Diego Padres lost 4-5 in a home game against the 2023 Major League Kansas City Royals held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time). 

Trusted starter Seth Lugo’s steel plate with 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 5 runs in 2 innings was painful to the bone. Afterwards, the bullpen in the order of Drew Carlton, Louis Garcia, Steven Wilson, Nick Martinez, and Josh Hader suppressed additional runs by spreading salty water, and the other line also pursued 4-5 with 2 points in the 5th and 6th innings side by side, but tied the score. It was not enough to make . In the opportunity to tie the score, he was repeatedly beaten and led to defeat. 

It was an attack in the 7th, trailing 4-5. Leading runner Nelson Cruz picked out a walk and was replaced with lead runner Adam Angel. Afterwards, Angel, the first out and first baseman who led to Fernando Tatis Jr.’s strikeout, tried to steal the base, but was caught in the first base check by pitcher Aroldis Chapman and was tagged out. Even Jake Cronenworth, who was at bat, struck out looking, and the chance to first base was destroyed. 

In the 8th inning, still behind 4-5, San Diego had another chance to tie the score with 2 out, 1st and 2nd base, thanks to Zander Bogarts’ walk and Lougned Odor’s right-handed hit. And Kim Ha-seong appeared at bat and preoccupied the 2B-1S advantageous count against Taylor Clark. However, Odor, the runner on first base, failed to return to the base when Clark checked first base immediately, and eventually got caught in a rundown between first and second bases and was hit by a runner. It was the moment when Kim Ha-seong’s at-bat, who had been fighting fiercely for the ball count, ended in vain. 토토사이트, the official homepage of the major leagues, said after the game, “Two runners stopped San Diego from advancing.” Afterwards, the rundown was continued between 1st and 2nd base so that Bogatz, the runner on third base, could home, but the moment Bogatz stepped home did not come. The Padres’ best chance to tie the game was gone, and they lost 4-5 to the Royals.” 

Odore, the first base runner, expressed regret, saying, “The pitcher’s check was too fast.” “It is part of the game,” he said. Of course, if I had been closer to first base, I wouldn’t have gotten out, but the pitcher moved really fast before that. Just as I was about to take another step, a check ball came flying. Therefore, there was no chance to return by sliding.”

However, the result was defeat anyway. He became a victim of Kansas City, the bottom of the American League Central Division, escaping from four straight losses, and was unable to narrow the lead with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the leader of the National League West, in seven games. San Diego’s last 10 matches are 2 wins and 8 losses. Padres head coach Bob Melvin expressed regret, saying, “After the atmosphere was stagnant, we scored one after another, and the bullpen did well, but unfortunately we had to give up the game due to a runner.” 

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