“I emphasize the original team because the coaches never waver and form one team, and the players follow the mood.”

On the 9th, Hanwha said, “Under Carlos Subero’s managerial system, a foreigner took over as the head coach of the Hanwha Eagles. , It was true that my understanding of the KBO league was relatively less than that of domestic coaches.”

In November of last year, general manager Son Hyuk and coach Subero discussed the appointment of head coach, and coach Lee Dae-jin was recruited as head coach for the first team.

Hanwha said, “It was a very fast hiring of the head coach, and it seems that communication between head coach Subero and head coach Lee Dae-jin is progressing smoothly through the finishing camp and this spring camp.”

Next, he explained about the head coach, “I am spending a busy camp day by performing various roles of the head coach, such as promoting harmony among the coaching staff and bridging the team and the coaching staff.”

Head coach Lee said, “I always went through spring camp as a pitching coach, but it’s awkward and new to have camp as head coach for the first time in my life. are moving,” he said.

He said, “Basically, his role is to find complements and share the contents while watching the training.

How is the communication with coach Subero? Head coach Lee said, “Since I am the head coach, I communicate a lot with the coach, and I can see that the coach is trying to listen. Unlike the foreign head coaches I have worked with, I have a lot of knowledge about Korean baseball, so I ask him to actively talk about anything. So, I’m trying to visit and talk often.”

In addition, he added, “There will come a time when the players are stressed and struggling during the camp, but at that time, I have a lot of conversations with the coaches so that the players can create a good atmosphere.”

He also emphasized the mental side of coaches. Head coach Lee explained, “Above all, coaches should not be shaken. Then the players are also shaken. If the coaches never shake and form a one team, the players follow the mood, so I am emphasizing the original team.”

Head coach Lee tasted the joy of a combined victory last season as SSG’s first team bullpen coach. However, he returned to Hanwha after much thought. 토토사이트

Head coach Lee explained, “I had a lot of worries after receiving the proposal from general manager Son Hyuk, but I accepted the offer because I thought that experiencing the season with a foreign coach was an opportunity for me to personally develop.”

Head coach Lee continued, “I was able to prepare for my current role by learning many things from many head coaches, both as a player and as a coach. I am living happily thinking that it will be a valuable experience for me.”

Head coach Lee expects a different appearance of Hanwha. “I am also communicating with the general manager, but he trusts and entrusts me with the field. I will make sure that the Hanwha Eagles become a strong team by communicating well with the coaches and players, starting with the manager’s assistant, so that we can conduct a successful camp.”

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