Loki Sasaki (22, Chiba Lotte), the “monster pitcher” of the WBC Japanese baseball team, already threw a 160km fastball in February. The extraordinary pace of the new ace of the Japanese national team put an emergency on the Korean national team.

The Japanese sports press ‘Sports Hochi’ said on the 9th, “WBC Japan representative Roki Sasaki made his first mound with a real-life bullpen pitching at the Ishigakijima camp on the 8th, threw 30 pitches against 6 batters, allowed 2 hits, and allowed the highest speed. was measured at 160 km.”

According to reports, more than 600 fans gathered in the stands to watch the new young right-handed ace of the Japanese national team.

In his first pitch against batters this season, Sasaki got a heavy hit from first batter Fujiwara and a right-handed hit from follow-up batter Yasuda, but did not give up a hit afterwards and struck out three swinging swings. Finished. 온라인카지노

As it was still the first pitch, the ball sometimes appeared to float, but the Japanese media put significance on the fact that he threatened the batter with force while recording only two hits.

At the same time, Sasaki recorded a maximum speed of 157 km in bullpen pitching on the 7th, but recorded a maximum speed of 160 km in live pitching on the 9th, just two days later, and is close to his personal best speed of 164 km set in Nippon Professional Baseball last season.

Sports Hochi noted Sasaki’s good pace, saying, “The next practice match is expected to be against Yakult on the 15th.”

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