Kazuyoshi Miura (55), a Japanese soccer star who enjoyed his heyday in the 1990s. He signed a loan contract with Oliveirense of the Portuguese second division.

BBC Sports announced on the 2nd, “Although his 56th birthday is just around the corner, Japanese striker Kazuyoshi Miura is literally still moving in football.” Portugal becomes the sixth country where he plays football after Brazil, Japan, Italy, Croatia and Australia.

Miura, who celebrates her birthday on the 26th, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “This is a new place for me, but I will work hard to show everyone my known play.” He has said in the past that he plans to continue playing until he is 60. 메이저사이트

Miura, who belongs to Yokohama FC, spent last season on loan at Suzuka Point Getters. He scored two goals in 18 appearances for the Japanese fourth division team managed by his older brother, Yasutoshi. Yokohama acquired a majority stake in Oliveirense in November.

Miura started his career as a soccer player in 1986 in Santos, Brazil. In 2017, at the age of 50 years and 14 days, he scored a goal against Tespakusatsugunma, becoming the oldest player to score in a Japanese Pro League match.

Called ‘King Kaz’ in Japan, he is one of Japan’s most beloved sportsmen. He was the face of the J-League when it was launched in 1993. He scored 55 goals in 89 matches for the Japanese national team.

In the second half of 1993, in Doha, Qatar, in the Asian final qualifying round for the 1994 World Cup, Miura played as a goal scorer for the Japanese team and scored the winning goal 1-0 against the Korean team led by coach Kim Ho. However, in the last game, Japan lost a goal in the last minute before Iraq and drew 2-2, and Korea produced the ‘Miracle of Doha’ by beating Japan to win the World Cup finals ticket.

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