“I fall in love.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo took the lucky first pick at the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asia Quarter Tryout & Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th, and then nominated Eddy from Mongolia as the first pick.

Director Kim Sang-woo and Eddie have a deep relationship. He worked at Sungkyunkwan University from 2020 until coming to Samsung Fire in 2022. He knows how to use Eddie.

Manager Kim Sang-woo, whom we met after the draft, said, “There is a special relationship as a student, but it has not been easy for Eddie to continue his career as a player. so I fall in love He is trying to help me a lot so that I can do well,” he said.

When the first nomination right came out, cheers came out at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance table. As we were at the bottom last season, it was essential to reinforce our power, so we chose Eddie, who we wanted.

He said, “It was not a random lottery system, so there was a bit of a peckish taste. I would be happy if it came in the front order, but I thought I wouldn’t be happy if it came in the back order. I wanted to pick a player who would help in some way. I picked the player I thought of,” he said.

“We lacked offensive power due to team circumstances. I was thirsty for attack. I was prioritizing Eddie.”

Eddy came to Korea in January 2017. Afterwards, he went through Suncheon Jeil High School and a language school before entering Sungkyunkwan University in the 20th class. It’s been three years since he first coached Eddie.

Director Kim Sang-woo said, “Eddie was dwarfed at 78 and 80kg when he first entered college. Back then, he was a player who only liked offense. He said that he did a lot of defense, basic skills, and weight training, but there was a limit in the school environment. He will get better in the future.”ㅋㅋㅋ벳

According to the rules, you can join the team from July 1st. Until then, it seems that he will digest the U-League schedule as a member of Sungkyunkwan University.

Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “I am a member of the university team now. He has to play a few more U-League games in May. He looks rather fortunate. Can you keep training? It’s also not far from the club’s gym,” he said.

The position has not been decided yet. The most promising position in the current situation is the Apposite Spiker, but there is a possibility of changing the position depending on which outsider is selected in the outsider tryout in May.

He said, “You have to train your physical strength through weight training. He tries to be diligent and intense. He himself knows the importance. As for the positions, he played middle blocker, outside heater, and apogee spiker when he was in school, but in the end, the apogee position is the position where the advantage comes out. Still, I will adjust the scales while watching the foreign tryout held in Turkiye. Depending on the players you pick from there, things can change. My plan is to bring the team’s offensive power to a good level no matter what.”

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