The suspicion of ‘intentional loss’ in the Chinese professional basketball playoffs was confirmed. The incident occurred on the 14th in the final 3rd match between the Shanghai Sharks and the Jiangsu Dragons in the round of 12 playoffs of the 2022-23 season of Chinese professional basketball.토스카지노 With 1 minute and 36 seconds left in the game, the Jiangsu players committed an unbelievable mistake one after another and gave up 10 points in an instant. Even at the moment of desperation, Jiangsu coach Linan did not call a timeout, raising suspicions, and the Chinese Basketball Association, who investigated, found it match-fixing. NBA star and Chinese Basketball Association president Yao Ming also expressed his heartbreak. The most absurd two minutes in the history of Chinese professional basketball. The whole story of the match fixing situation will be delivered by Video Mug.

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