Established in 2022 as Korea’s first independent basketball team, ESCOOP Dreams (director Cho Sung-hoon) is taking its second step.

On March 1, 2023, tryouts for the second term will be held. 10:00 am Es Sports Sharing Gochon Branch Gymnasium will be held at 10:00 am.

In 2022, Escoop Dreams has passed a successful year.

ESCOOP Dreams, which started its activities on March 1st, started with 7 players, and caught two rabbits: passing the KBL general draft in October last year (Lee Young-seok) and going to college (Kim Hyun-joon – Sahmyook University, Seong Min-joon – Kyungwoon University). .

In addition, among the players, Won Jun-seok was able to continue his career as an elite player by going to Sungkyunkwan University’s basketball team.  

E-Scoop Dreams, which was mainly composed of high school players, served as a medium to open the way for elites who were struggling due to the break in their careers to continue their future dreams under the theme of ‘basketball and schoolwork’. 메이저놀이터

EScoop Dreams, whose role was to provide an opportunity for a comeback so that he could continue playing basketball that he had been playing since he was young by combining sports and studies he wanted to do, eScoop Dreams took on another challenge through a tryout for the second class go out

Coach Cho Seong-hoon said, “We are playing a role in continuing the ‘dream’ for players whose basketball careers are cut off. The goal is to open the way so that you can stand alone in any direction by supplementing with experience, skill, stamina, and tactical parts, while providing many opportunities at the same time.”

Escoop Dreams is an independent basketball team created on March 1, 2022 by the Es Sports Sharing Social Cooperative (Director Lee Deuk-hyo) in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do. The ES Sports Sharing Social Cooperative was certified as a designated donation organization by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to grow the club with the goal of becoming a citizen club run by an unspecified number of citizens, not a huge fund.

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