Mihailo Mudrik opened up about his sluggish performance.

He was the main character of the transfer market last winter. There is a feeling of being somewhat pushed by Enzo Fernandez, who broke the record for transfer fees in the English Premier League (EPL), but Mudrik also entered England with a huge amount. Originally, Arsenal and Manchester City were interested, but Chelsea participated in the last-minute scouting competition and succeeded in embracing Mudrik by investing 100 million euros (approximately 141.4 billion won) including options. 토토사이트

He was expected so much. It was his first big league experience, but he had no rivals in his home league as a member of Shakhtar and also stood out in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). This season, he participated in 6 UCL matches for Shakhtar, scoring 3 goals and 2 assists. His quick feet and reckless dribbling were his main weapons, and his tempo was evaluated to be perfect for the fast EPL.

The start was fine. After officially greeting the fans at Stamford Bridge, he came on as a substitute away to Liverpool. Although his playing time was only 35 minutes, his strengths, quick speed and recklessness, stood out.

However, what happened after that is somewhat disappointing. Although he is not a clear starting player, he is constantly receiving opportunities to play and has appeared in 7 matches including the cup competition. However, during this period, he has not scored a single goal and recorded only one assist. In his last match against Dortmund in the first leg, he was criticized for not being active in defense, providing an excuse for conceding.

Criticism began to emerge against him. It is true that he still needs time to adapt, but the period of patience is not expected to be given as much as the weight of the transfer fee of 100 million euros. Some even described him as a ‘loser’.

Moudrik opened his mouth to this. In an interview with ‘Sky Sports’, he said of the early sluggishness, “I admit, there is a lot of pressure.” But he didn’t care too much. He expressed his confidence, “It’s not the first time. I’m enjoying this pressure and one day everyone who called me a loser will call me a winner. Time will give the answer.”

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