Kyung Hee University has a winning streak.

Kyunghee University won with a set score of 3-2 (18-25, 27-25, 25-20, 22-25, 15-13) in the match against Sungkyunkwan University in the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at the Suwon Sungkyunkwan University Gymnasium on the 17th.

Kyung Hee University Lee Jung-min (2nd year, OH, 188cm) added 22 points including 2 blockings, adding heat to the attack. He also had 40 receiving, the most on his team. Lee Jung-min, who we met after the game, said, “It was a game we had to win. I think we won as one, and it feels good to think that our performance has come out.”

Kyung Hee University’s start this season was disappointing. Losing consecutively to Myongji University and Hanyang University, the atmosphere could have subsided. But instead of giving up, they gritted their teeth. The training method has also changed. He said, “I changed the receiving method a lot. He constantly pursued change to address what he considered our weakness,” he said, looking back at the practice process. During the month-long break, he showed off the skills he had honed and earned a winning streak. In other words, the break period was beneficial to Kyung Hee University.

Lee Jung-min laughed, saying, “Actually, I was nervous because the ball didn’t hit well during the official practice before the game.” He continued, “His teammates helped a lot from the side. They encouraged me, and I focused on solving them. I am not satisfied with my personal performance, but I am satisfied with the win.”

Kyunghee University’s main setter Park Jun-seo returned from the last game against Gyeongsang National University. Setter Park Seo-jin, a freshman, also showed compliance, but Park Jun-seo, who had the experience of a year in college, showed another play. Lee Jung-min also said, “(Park) Seo-jin is also good. However, as close as (Park) Jun-seo is, we can tell just by looking at each other. So it’s good to breathe. It’s Jun-seo’s birthday, and he won and it seems like a meaningful gift.”먹튀검증

Sungkyunkwan University is a team with a high center and strong serve. Kyung Hee University focused on itself rather than the opponent. Lee Jung-min said, “I didn’t have the energy to care about my opponent. We just prepared diligently to do ours well.”

In 2019, Kyung Hee University was counted as one of the favorites to win. However, after Corona 19, Kim Woo-jin (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), Shin Seung-hoon (KB Insurance), Kim Young-jun (Woori Card), and Lee Su-min (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance) joined the pros, and the vacancy grew. Accordingly, Kyung Hee University had a rebuilding period starting from last season by focusing on new students. Lee Jung-min said, “I want to show a better image than last season. We are working hard to create a team that will not lose in vain.” He showed his aspirations by saying, “I will show steady growth with better records than last season.”

Finally, he said, “These days, coaches say a lot, ‘Don’t worry because you’re good at it, do it with confidence’. I get a lot of strength from these words. Also, there are a lot of fans who support me, and I am always grateful. We ask for your continued support.”

Lee Jung-min is more active on the court than anyone else and is invigorating. I sincerely hope that his passion will be conveyed to volleyball fans.

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