“If you don’t believe in yourself, trust me, the director.”

Koh Young-Jun (22, Pohang) believes in his dream of winning and is running. The source of that power was a word from director Kim Ki-dong (51).

Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong and the Pohang players attended the 5th media camp of the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Seogwipo Cal Hotel in Seogwipo City at 1:00 pm on the 6th. Ko Young-joon, who has entered his fourth year as a pro, also met and talked with reporters.

This season, Pohang will step on the stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) again. Pohang surprised everyone by overcoming the line injuries of the main players in 2021 and advancing to the ACL finals, but the result was an easy runner-up.

Koh Young-joon, who has been in the ACL for the first time in two years, said, “Last year, because of the corona, we gathered all the group stage matches. I also do it. I want to play quickly.”

Now, Ko Young-joon has become a key player in Pohang both in name and reality, but his unfortunate decision-making power is still in the prison. His movement to infiltrate and make in front of the goal is a passing score, but it is evaluated that the last shot is disappointing. Coach Ki-Dong Kim also looked at Young-Jun Ko, who went to the Olympic team in September last year, and said, “Young-Jun told me that when shooting, all I could hear was ‘Ah'” and spat out bitter words affectionately.

Again this year, Go Young-joon’s homework is decisiveness. He said, “The coach talks about (the ability to score goals) in training. To be honest, I can’t score goals well even in training. Whenever that happens, he tells me a lot so that I can recognize it. I think I will,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

There are many new faces in Pohang’s offensive line this season. Veteran side strikers Kim In-seong and Baek Seong-dong and Jeka, who were active in Daegu, joined the team. They are players who can expect synergy with Ko Young-jun.

Koh Young-jun said, “All my brothers are good players and have excellent abilities. It’s the same. Figuring out each other’s style is the most urgent thing,” he expressed his anticipation.

Ko Young-jun also revealed his personal goals for this season. He explained, “The goal is 15 attack points. Last year, I had 11 goals, but I couldn’t achieve it. Personally, I needed a lot more effort, so I purposely raised it this year.” His last season was 6 goals and 4 assists in 37 league appearances.

Head coach Kim Ki-dong, who took the microphone earlier in the day, declared that the goal is to win. Of course, it’s not an easy goal, but captain Kim Seung-dae also said, “Winning is the last gift I can give to the coach.” 토토사이트

Koh Young-jun also said, “Now I believe in my dream of winning.” He said, “I honestly wasn’t sure when he said it at first. The squad has changed a lot and it’s a new start. I was also surprised,” he said, “but the coach said one more time during training. ‘I’m not just saying it. What the director always says is, ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, believe in me, the director.’ .

The Hangzhou Asian Games will also be held in June. As Ko Young-jun has already established himself as a starting pitcher for Hwang Seon-hong through last year’s U-23 Asian Cup, there is a high possibility of participating in the Asian Games. He was called up for both friendly matches in September and friendly matches in November last year.

Go Young-jun also did not hide his greed. He said, “(At Hwang Seon-Hong), the formation was similar to that in Pohang, and the location was the same. Rather than ordering something else, he allowed me to play what I’m good at. He said, “I want to go to the Asian Games too. I think that coach Hwang Seon-hong will be watching me during practice games during the winter season and during the season. .

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