“They said, ‘I want to be the number 4 hitter for our team. After 43 minutes of fierce fighting, they lost 10-12. It’s only one loss out of 144 games, but it was a catastrophic loss considering that they poured everything from the first game of the season.

There were many decisive scenes directly related to defeat, including the pitcher appointment, but Han Dong-hee’s silence was the regret in the lineup that scored a whopping 10 points. On this day, Han Dong-hee started as a third baseman and a fourth batter, and was silent with no hits in 7 at-bats. Han Dong-hee left behind as many as 10 bases. He failed to save a single scoring chance on all four occasions. 토토사이트

When asked about Han Dong-hee before the opening match, director Larry Sutton said, “I’ve talked to Han Dong-hee several times, but he said, ‘Don’t be someone else, be the best version of Han Dong-hee.’ , I understand why Han Dong-hee is called the post-Lee Dae-ho, but Han Dong-hee is a player who can become the best version of himself.”

It was clear why director Sutton had high expectations for Han Dong-hee. This is because Han Dong-hee went to Guam, where the first spring camp was held early after the 2022 season, and lost more than 10kg in weight, sweating a lot for change. And in 11 exhibition games, he proved the results of his efforts by swinging a fire bat with 10 hits, 2 homers, 8 RBIs, a batting average of 0.370 OPS and 1.136.

However, the appearance at the opening match was full of regret. It seemed that he couldn’t overcome the ‘heaviness’. In the first at-bat in the first inning, Han Dong-hee failed to take advantage of the chance to get 2 out and 1st base, and started the game with a floating ball in left field. And in the 3rd inning, he was tied up by Doosan starter Raul Alcantara and was unable to use his strength.

Then a big opportunity came along. The bases were loaded safely in the top of the 4th inning, which succeeded in turning the score 4-3. But this time, Han Dong-hee’s bat did not respond. Han Dong-hee struck out and failed to take advantage of the opportunity. In addition, he succeeded in running away to 7-3, but he withdrew from 2nd out 1st and 3rd base in the 5th inning with a floating ball to shortstop, and also failed to pick up a hit in the 5th at-bat in the 8th inning.

It was the 9th and 11th innings that were decisive. Han Dong-hee made his seventh at-bat with 2 outs 1st and 3rd base at the beginning of the 9th inning, where the score was 9-9. Doosan skipped Jack Rex, who had a good sense of hitting, and chose to play against Han Dong-hee. A chance to put an end to the match, but Han Dong-hee lowered his head with a right field foul fly. And in the 11th inning, he struck out on 1st and 2nd base.

Was it because of the burden caused by the heavy responsibility of being the ‘batter number 4’? While Han Dong-hee was silent with 10 remaining bases left, the Lotte mound could not block Doosan’s lineup, and eventually Lotte lost even after playing close to 5 hours. However, the role of hitter number 4 was made by Han Dong-hee’s ‘request’. The background included the command tower’s absolute trust.

Coach Sutton said, “During spring camp, Han Dong-hee said, ‘I want to be the number 4 hitter for our team.’ It is preparation to withstand the weight of the 4th hitter, and preparation mentally and physically to play the role of leader in the attacking part every day,” he said. .

After Lee Dae-ho, once Lotte’s ‘signboard’, left, Han Dong-hee inherited the heavy responsibility of hitting number 4, and his first start was not very good. Can Han Dong-hee shake off the sluggishness of the opening game and become the number 4 hitter representing Lotte? Everything depends on what Donghee Han does.

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