On the 25th, the ‘2023 Peace Yanggu Cup National Youth Soccer Club Festival’ opened at the Yanggu Sports Complex in Yanggu-gun, the center of youth in the country.

Hosted and supervised by SH Sports Agency (CEO Moon Seong-hwan), which is devoted to building youth soccer infrastructure, Yanggu-gun, Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation, Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association, Haha Mask, Gwanju Food, KBS Sports Arts Science Academy, Football List, HIGHSOL, 16 companies including Sun Medical Center, Arco Balleno Wonju Branch, AIRDOME SH, and Gopchang Shop are sponsoring.

On the first day, the 25th, the preliminaries were held. The pool league group stage was held in 5 categories from 1st graders to U12 years old, and after that, the 1st and 2nd place in each group advanced to the classic division, and the 3rd and 4th place in the challenge division. After that, the festival will be held in the following way: 1st place in the Classic division wins, 2nd place is runner-up, 3rd place is 3rd place, 1st place in the Challenge section wins, and 2nd place is runner-up.

Prizes are 500,000 won for the winner of each category classical division, 300,000 won for the runner-up in the classical division, 200,000 won for third place in the classical division, 150,000 won for the championship in the challenge division, and 100,000 won for the runner-up in the challenge division (Yanggu region gift certificate). In addition, various individual awards and prizes are prepared. 토토사이트

Seo Ye-deok, marketing manager at the Sports Mecca City (foundation) Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation, said, “I sincerely thank the players, parents, leaders, and officials who came to the 2023 Peace Yanggu Cup National Youth Football Club Festival. Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation (foundation) is trying to create a cultural sports festival that can connect local tourism products and food products beyond a football festival. I hope everyone who attended will have a lot of happy memories in Yanggu-gun, the very center of the country.”

Moon Seong-hwan, CEO of SH Sports Agency, the organizer and organizer, said, “We tried to create a local festival with sports and culture. This 2023 Peace Yanggu Cup National Youth Football Club Festival is not only about football, but also as a plan to connect Yanggu-gun local culture and tourism products and to revitalize the local economy. Everyone who visited Yanggu-gun as a Yanggu-gun tourist tour event and Yanggu restaurant tour event will become the center of youth in Yanggu-gun. We have prepared it so that you can publicize it a little more, experience it yourself and leave memories. In addition, we have prepared a soccer event where only the players can participate, not a soccer event in which the family members who came together can participate, so I hope you will make a lot of good memories. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Yanggu-gun County Mayor Seo Heung-won and the Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation executives and staff members who laid the foundation for the Culture and Sports Festival.”

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