Moon Seong-gon led KGC to victory. 

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 89-61 in the match against the Goyang Carrot Jumpers in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 4 held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 19th. 

‘Supermoon’ Moon Seong-gon flew up properly. Moon Seong-gon, who poured out 22 points including 4 3-pointers, led the team to the championship match.

Moon Seong-gon replied, “I was nervous and worried a lot because I thought it was a burdensome game. I’m glad I finished with a good result.”

Moon Seong-gon scored 13 points with three 3-pointers in the first quarter, and KGC seized the victory early.

Coach Kim said, “I didn’t feel particularly good or feel anything special. I tried to do it. The director and my brothers gave me the confidence to shoot with confidence, which led to good results.”스포츠토토

Regarding the Carrot players who showed their fighting spirit to the end, he showed his respect with a short phrase, “I respect you.”

KGC, who reached the championship match, played the last game of the season against SK, who arrived first. For KGC, it is also a revenge match for last season’s championship match. The core of SK is the devastating offensive power of Jameel Warney and Kim Sun-hyeong and the options derived from them.

Moon Seong-gon, who received a related question, replied, “Actually, the two are not my direct matchup. (Laughs) Next to (Huh) Il-young, I will block the older brother well so that the player who blocks the two players will not be more burdened.”

One of the biggest issues in the championship game is the absence of Choi Jun-yong, SK’s main forward. Choi Jun-yong’s ability is excellent, but SK won the championship match without Choi Jun-yong.

Moon Seong-gon said, “(Choi) Jun-yong took up a lot of weight, but since the 6th round, he played without Jun-yong and matched a lot. It would be scary if he made a comeback, but he said he was injured, so he was worried. But isn’t it good for our team in terms of power? want,” he said. 

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