According to Chinese media such as Taiwan’s Central News Agency on the 12th, Howard appeared in a promotional video for the ‘Stay at the Presidential Office’ event hosted by the Taiwan Cultural Assembly on the 10th and pointed to Taiwan and used the word ‘country’.

In the video, where he appeared with Vice President Lai Ching-de and Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, who was confirmed as the presidential candidate of Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, he said, “After coming to Taiwan, I have a completely new perception of this country.” The word was translated as ‘country’.

He also asked Lai Qingde, “Is it really possible to stay at the Government General’s Office?”

When this video became known, related hashtags rose to the top of real-time search terms on social media (SNS) in China, such as Weibo, and Chinese netizens criticized Howard fiercely and demanded an apology.

He took issue with his remarks that seemed to recognize Taiwan as an independent country at a time when China regarded Taiwan as part of its territory to be restored and even discussed the theory of armed reunification.

It seems that his remarks stimulated Chinese netizens even more when he appeared in a video with the next presidential candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, who is in sharp conflict with China for Taiwan’s independence.

As the controversy spread, Howard said in an interview with local media after visiting an elementary school in Taiwan that day, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”먹튀검증

He also explained, “When I use the word country, it doesn’t necessarily mean a country, sometimes it refers to a region.”

“I am not a politician, I do not want to get involved in political issues, I respect both Chinese and Taiwanese people, and I will maintain my belief that everyone living on this planet should treat each other equally, love and respect each other.”

He played an active role as a center in the NBA, was selected as an All-Star eight times in a row from 2007, and was selected as the ‘Defender of the Year’ for three consecutive years from 2009, commanding the NBA.

In the 2007-2008 season, he participated in the All-Star Dunk Contest in Superman costume and made a sharp dunk, earning the nickname ‘Superman’.

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