The ‘promoted team’, which has been promoted to the 1st division of professional football this season, is not unusual for Daejeon and Gwangju.
What is the secret of Daejeon and Gwangju, who beat strong teams including the ‘defending champion’ Ulsan to the top ranks?
This is reporter Choi Hyung-gyu.

Stealing the ball from deep in the opponent’s camp, immediately scored the opening goal with an exquisite left-footed shot, and created an opportunity by inducing mistakes with intense pressure to create a come-from-behind goal.카지노사이트

The secret of the match against the promoted team, which stopped defending champion Ulsan from winning 7 consecutive wins and rose to 3rd place, is strong forward pressure.

With 16 goals scored, even with the second-lowest number of shots, thanks to the clear chances created by breaking down the defensive line in the opponent’s camp, they are ranked first overall with 16 goals, more than Ulsan.

▶ Interview: Lee Min-seong / Head coach of Daejeon Hana Citizen
– “As a challenger, I have to challenge every round, and like any other game, I’m aggressive…”

Gwangju, another hero of the storm, is proudly defending the 5th place with hot attacking soccer.

With a splendid dribble that breaks down the defensive line and a scoring power of nearly 2 goals per game, they are continuing the blue by scoring 5 goals in Incheon and 4 goals in Daegu.

▶ Interview: Lee Jeong-hyo / Gwangju FC Manager
– “If you score one goal, we’ll try to score two, if you score two, we’ll try to score three.”

Thanks to the promoted team that shook the game with ‘Dakgong’ instead of defending soccer, which is urgent to survive, the K-League is fighting for rankings more fiercely than ever.

This is Choi Hyung-gyu from MBN News.

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