‘Don’t Catch Me If I Hit’ Hitting genius Lee Jung-hoo had a first baseman he wanted to avoid.

The first baseman, who hit a hit and then a foul ball deep in the zone, turned out to be his cousin.

Lee Jung-hoo and NC Yoon Hyung-joon, who grew up in a baseball family, met at first base. The younger brother punched his cousin in the forearm when he realized that he had handled a well-hit ball in the previous at-bat that he thought was a hit.

Gocheok Sky Dome on the 4th, where the Kiwoom Heroes and NC Dinos played. Lee Jung-hoo, the self-proclaimed best hitter in the KBO, struggled in an unexpected place. In the top of the first inning, with runners on first and second, Kiwoom’s Lee Jung-hoo technically pushed away NC starter Lee Jun-ho’s three-pitch 127-kilometer slider.안전놀이터

Just as he thought it was a hit, third baseman Seo Ho-cheol made an animalistic leap to catch the ball. Lee Jung-hoo stole a hit.

The hitting genius’ nemesis came in the second inning. Lee stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs. Lee was 5-for-5 with three RBIs and a .600 slugging percentage with runners in scoring position this season. He confidently swung at a 139-kilometer fastball on the sixth pitch from 3B and 2S.

When he thought it was a hit, NC first baseman Yoon Hyung-joon, who was playing deep defense in the outfield, caught Lee’s pitch in his mitt and sprinted to the first base to steal first base. Lee was disappointed, and Yoon looked at the ball in the mitt one more time as if he had seen it for 10 years.

As it turns out, they have a baseball family. Lee Jung-hoo’s cousin, Yoon Hyung-joon, caught his brother’s hit and saved the day.

The first baseman surprised Lee again in the fifth inning. With two outs and two runners on base, Lee boldly pulled a fastball. The first base umpire called it a foul ball, but Yoon stretched out his mitt and caught the foul ball. For Lee, it was a good thing it was a foul ball.

A defensive shift is in play. Lee Jung-hoo hits a line drive into center field, out of the reach of shortstop Kim Joo-won’s glove. It was recorded as an infield hit to the right of the shortstop. After getting a hit in only his fourth at-bat, Lee stepped onto the first base line and immediately slapped his cousin Yoon Hyung-joon on the forearm, telling him to stop catching his balls.

NC Yoon Hyung-joon didn’t want to lose in front of his younger brother. With his steady defense and three hits against Kiwoom ace Ahn Woo-jin, he became his brother’s nemesis in the field and ace Ahn Woo-jin’s nemesis at the plate.

In terms of individual performance, NC Yoon had a smile on his face as he out-hit his younger brother Lee Jung-hoo by three hits.

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