Can you take responsibility for the future of the KIA Tigers? Interest in Yoon Young-chul (19) is already hot.

Yoon Young-chul wore a KIA uniform with the second overall pick in the rookie draft in September of last year. He was the only KIA rookie this year to be named to the first-team spring camp roster. With his classmates, he said, “Let’s meet in Japan (2nd camp)” and strengthened his spirit. 메이저사이트

The topicality is already dazzling. Since his high school days, he has already had a reputation as a top-notch prospect, and has made his presence widely known in the homeroom through ‘The Strongest Baseball’.

As he was nominated for the nationally popular team KIA, his expectations increased. Fans showered him with gifts at the airport before leaving for his spring camp. Yoon Young-cheol said, “I haven’t even debuted yet, but I was surprised that many people in Gwangju recognized my face. I want to live up to the fans’ support and expectations.”

Jung Hae-young and Lee Eui-ri were reborn as great picks, and Kim Do-young also proved his qualities befitting the title of ‘super rookie’. Along with Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh Pirates) Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha Eagles) Shin Young-woo (NC Dinos), Yoon Young-chul, who was the best pitcher in high school baseball last year, is going to continue the lineage of “super rookie.” His fastball speed is not as good as the other three players, but he is the only left-hander and his game management ability and control are excellent, having been the ace throughout his school days.

Yoon Young-chul said, “I feel like I’ve become a real professional player. I want to see how well my ball works on the professional stage. I will learn a lot without getting hurt.” He did not hide his ambition, saying, “I want to help the team in any position,” but “I honestly have a desire to play as a starting pitcher.”

Will it be able to answer the expectations of KIA fans? Yoon Young-cheol is already being mentioned as a candidate for the 5th selection in the KIA, where Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri are holding out. Last year, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk filled four out of five starting rotations with lefties, including two foreign pitchers.

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