“It’s March, but it’s up to 90%”.

NC Dinos veteran hitter Park Seok-min (37) is always the target of attention. He joined Samsung in 2004, so this year is exactly his 20th year. He is very interested in whether he will have a beautiful finish. 

He left a blemish in the 2021 season due to a violation of the corona quarantine rules, but he is one of the hitters representing the KBO League. He boasts a career batting average of 2.8 par, 268 home runs, 1033 RBI, and an OPS of .899. He hit double-digit home runs for 14 consecutive years and was the main hitter of the Samsung dynasty, and is the main player in NC’s first win in 2020.  토토사이트

After the 2015 season, he obtained his first free agency and transferred to NC for 5 years and 9 billion won. And after the 2019 season, he renewed the contract for up to 3.4 billion won for 2+1 years. The 2022 season was his worst performance since his debut. He was suspended for 52 games, overlapping with injuries. He only had 58 at bats in 16 games. I am embarrassed to mention his grades.

He expected to retire, but signed a contract. His annual salary also suffered a 93% cut from 1.8 billion won to 50 million won. The reason can be found in the meaning of the species. It was his will to build up his pride and take off his uniform without fail. Of course, he was given the task of getting injury-free full-time and grades worthy of his reputation. 

Perhaps because of this, he is evaluated as making serious plays during spring camp and exhibition games. So, expectations for Park Seok-min’s performance this season are also rising. Director Kang In-kwon is looking forward to it the most. Park Seok-min is expected to fill the long hit gap created by the transfer of Eui-ji Yang and Jin-hyeok Noh. 

As of the 27th, he is participating in 11 out of 12 team games. It is the most exhibition game appearances since 2017. His batting average is only .259, but he has hit two home runs. Perhaps that is why director Kang In-kwon is confident in his comeback. When I asked why, he was in his physical condition in March. Every year, he had a hard time at the beginning of the season due to injury, but now he was preparing for the opening season with a healthy body. 

Coach Kang said, “Every year, there were a lot of injuries at the beginning of the season. I spent a month in April like that and found myself. This time, I prepared early from the off-season. I got 80-90% right in the demonstration game. That’s how much I know about the season. I could clearly read my resolution. I will do my best to finish well. I will show you the way I was before.” There was strong faith and confidence in his eyes./sunny@osen.co.kr

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