Many Korean players have shown good performance in Europe, but have never shown this level of technical skill.

Mallorca drew 1-1 with Athletic Bilbao in the 32nd round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at Estadio Mallorca Son Moix in Mallorca, Spain at 2:00 am (Korean time) on the 2nd. With this, Mallorca is in 11th place with 41 points.

It was Lee Kang-in’s day. Lee Kang-in started flying at the start of the game. Based on the elegant release of pressure, he became the center of Mallorca’s attack and showed the best performance. The highlight was, of course, in the 13th minute of the second half.

Lee Kang-in, who received the ball near the sideline, used a back heel to break the pressure, and then gave Amas Ndiaye a conversion pass like a courier. Lee Kang-in, who gave the pass and went up to the penalty box, finished Bedat Muriki’s pass with a non-stop shot. It was the moment Lee Kang-in’s 6th goal in the league broke.

In addition to scoring, Lee Kang-in showed 100% of his ability. Especially on this day, Lee Kang-in showed a high level of two levels compared to other players in dribbling and releasing pressure. In this game, Lee Kang-in tried 6 dribbles and succeeded in all 6, proving why he is a dribbling master.

Now, with 69 successful dribbles, Lee Kang-in has the most successes in La Liga after Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid), Samuel Chuqueze (Villarreal), and Nico Williams (Bilbao). All three players who ranked higher than Lee Kang-in are strikers. This is an indicator of how good Lee Kang-in is as a midfielder.먹튀검증

What is even more surprising is Lee Kang-in’s dribble success rate. Even Vinicius, the best dribbler in the world, has a dribble success rate of only 42%. Chuqueze is 54% and Williams is 47%. Among the players who have the advantage of dribbling, the players with a relatively high success rate were in the late 50% to early 60%. However, Lee Kang-in’s success rate was a whopping 69%. Lee Kang-in’s numbers were much higher than those of the top dribblers in the league.

After Ji-Sung Park’s success at Manchester United, many Korean talents headed to Europe. However, many seniors who still support Lee Kang-in from behind have never shown their dribbling skills at the top of the league. The only thing comparable is Lee Chung-yong during his time at Bolton Wanderers. Son Heung-min is world-class in off-the-ball, shooting, and finishing abilities, but his dribbling skills are not at the level of the world’s best.

It was the best performance that showed why so many big clubs coveted Lee Kang-in.

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