Curling in Gyeonggi-do accomplished the splendid feat of winning five consecutive titles at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival.

In Gyeonggi-do, Kim Jung-min (Gyeonggi-do Federation) and Kim Su-ji (Gyeonggi-do Office) teamed up in the general division mix double that took place at Uijeongbu Curling Stadium on the 18th, defeating Gyeongbuk and Ulsan Metropolitan City 9-3 and 19-3 respectively in the preliminary and quarterfinals to reach the semifinals. and won the event regardless of the results of the remaining matches. 메이저놀이터

In Gyeonggi-do, the women’s general division, which was held as a pre-game, won the gold medal after overcoming a series of difficulties and made a good start for the 5th consecutive victory, but the male high school division and the male general division were eliminated in the early stages due to an unfortunate match, and failed to win medals. Dark clouds hung over normal Mercury.

However, in Gyeonggi-do, the Uijeongbu Curling Sports Club in the elementary school won the men’s and women’s finals by beating Sinnamcho, Gangwon Province 8-7 and 7-3, respectively, reviving the flame of victory.

On top of this, Uijeongbu Songhyeon High School in the girls’ high school achieved two consecutive victories, and Uijeongbu G Sports Club in the south-central region won the championship. Completed the losing streak scenario.

Gyeonggi-do curling in this competition scored 128 points with 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal, ahead of competing cities and provinces Gangwon-do (116 points, gold 3, silver 3) and Gyeongbuk (100 points, silver 3, silver 3) regardless of the remaining game results. split the game

Choi Jong-gil, president of the Gyeonggi Provincial Curling Federation, said, “At the beginning of this tournament, it was predicted that it would not be easy to keep the top spot due to a series of matchups with strong teams. However, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office and the male and female elementary schools did so well that we were able to overcome the crisis and win the championship.” We will prepare for the next competition by reorganizing the connection training system in the future.”

Chairman Choi continued, “I am grateful for the hard work of the players, coaches, and federation officials who worked hard to overcome difficult adversity and achieve 5 consecutive losses. We will continue to work harder to maintain the top.”

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