Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo’s expression was dark as he entered the press conference room.

Coach Lee finished the 8th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ with Gangwon held at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the afternoon of the 23rd with a 0-0 draw and said, “Today we played a shameful game for the fans. I’m sorry. Our team’s level is just this. I’m even more angry because I think I’m on the level. I have to win the game, but I can only get away with it this far. I think I need to reflect on myself. Once again, I’m sorry to the fans.”토토사이트

Gwangju failed to shake the net despite playing a dominant game with a 63-37 share and 10-6 shots.

Coach Lee, who replaced the five starters on the day, said, “Even if the members change, there is a soccer we pursue and our team’s goal that we trained for. I didn’t see it. I saved myself in a competitive situation. Little things hold our team’s ankles and wear them. I think we need to think deeply about the selection of players,” suggesting a lineup change.

He continued, “When the opponent neutralizes our strengths, if we can’t penetrate them, in other words, it’s my lack of ability. I think I need to reflect on myself. I’m very tired today.”

On this day, coach Lee appointed Timo and Aaron as the center back duo of the four back. However, once the game started, Aaron transformed into a three-back right defender and boldly started overlapping. He even approached the opponent’s box and connected Timo’s space pass with a non-stop shot. Manager Lee expressed satisfaction, saying, “I used Aaron as a striker against a team that was down. I expected a goal from the bottom of my heart. There is a definite weapon in the set piece. I missed a chance, but I played that role well.”

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