How I got a head coach I really like.

Detroit’s new head coach Monty Williams used his first press conference on Thursday to talk about how Detroit changed his mind.

Williams was fired by the Phoenix Suns after the 2022-2023 season. He publicly announced that he would focus on resting for the time being. However, Detroit continued to make efforts to recruit Williams. But Williams’ closed mind was hard to open.

Eventually, after weighing coaches Kevin Ollie (Brooklyn) and Charles Lee (Milwaukee), both of whom were farther down the career ladder, Detroit made a difficult decision. The decision to hire him as the organization’s new head coach came one day later.

Williams pointed to two factors.

First and foremost was money. The club guaranteed him a six-year contract, the highest ever. “Money was a big factor,” he admits.

Equally important was the second factor. His wife’s medical care.

“For the record, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer during the playoffs, which is why I turned down the Detroit job,” Williams said in a press conference on Thursday. It was undiagnosed at the time. But after more tests, they found breast cancer. After I found out, I decided to take the Detroit head coaching job.”

Williams said he told Troy Weaver about his wife’s health when he was first offered the job. Weaver said he would wait, and after revealing the illness, he took a cautious approach.스포츠토토

Detroit also included a clause in Williams’ contract regarding his wife’s breast cancer treatment. The team guaranteed her treatment.

In addition, the team decided to partially fund a new home for his wife and children, who were suffering from the constant moving, and provided flights.

The largest amount ever. Down to the smallest detail. Williams couldn’t help but be moved. For the last-place team in the East to land a head coach with Finals experience, this effort was essential.

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