Luis Araúez (26-Miami Marlins) is on pace to reach his dream 4-for-4 batting average. So far, he’s tied with Ted Williams as the last player to hit .400.

Araúez started the 2023 Major League Baseball home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 22 at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida, USA. He batted leadoff and went 2-for-5 with a double. The team went 3-6, but the multi-hit performance kept his season batting average at .398.

After going 1-for-4 the day before, he bounced back. In his last six games, he has gone 14-for-23. He has three multi-hit games and two five-hit games. For the season as a whole, it’s his 31st multi-hit game in 66 starts.

His recent pace hasn’t been bad either. In his last 30 games, he’s batting .408. If you narrow it down to 15 games, it’s 0.422, and if you look at seven games, it’s 0.452. He hit .439 in April, .330 in May, and .440 in June. Twice in mid-June, he’s had five-hit games in a single game.

His batting average, which dipped to .371 in May, is back up nearly four percent. That’s tied for the eighth-best average in baseball since 1941, when the current standard was adopted. When comparing batting averages through the first 75 games of a season, Araúez’s .398 is the same as Ted Williams’ in 1941.

The highest batting averages through the first 75 games of a season in history were posted by Andres Galarraga in 1993 (0.411) and Rod Curry in 1977 (0.411). Larry Walker (.410) in 1997, Stan Musial (.407) in 1948, Tony Fernandez (.405) in 1999, Rod Curry (.404) in 1983, followed by Williams in 1941, John Olerud in 1993, and Arares this year.카지노사이트

Now, Arares will attempt to break Williams’ (.406) 1941 season batting average. Eighty-one years later, he’s still chasing the dream.

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