Moore hits a ball to the outfield, mistakes it for a fly ball, steps on first base and turns around.
Out at first on a bunt.

Dylan Moore (Seattle Mariners) was called out on an errant throw to first base after turning around too quickly.

Moore was batting fifth in the lineup against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., on April 18.

Stepping up to bat with the bases loaded in the seventh inning with his team trailing 2-4, he took a 12-pitch pitch from opposing pitcher Jackson Cowher, an outside slider, and sent it into the outfield.

Left fielder MJ Melendez, diving for the ball, slid and threw out his glove.

Expecting a “fly ball,” Moore took off for first base slowly, but turned around to see Melendez making the catch.

It was too soon to give up after the tenacious battle at the plate. Without watching the pitch, Moore started to walk to the dugout, not realizing what would happen next.

The ball hit Melendez’s glove and fell straight to the ground. After missing the fly ball, Melendez picked it up again.

As he slowly rose to his feet, his Kansas City teammates yelled for him to throw to first base, where the runner was out, and he promptly threw to first baseman Matt Duffy.

Realizing that the left fielder hadn’t caught the ball, Moore turned and ran back to first, but the ball had already reached first base.카지노사이트

“First base umpire John Rivka called Moore out under Major League Baseball Rule 5.09(b)(2), which states that ‘a runner is out when he steps on first base, leaves the base path and clearly abandons his intention to advance to the next base,'” explained.

USA Today called it “Moore’s most brutal baserunning error of all time,” adding, “The embarrassing blunder was not only hilarious, it spawned a hilarious line on ESPN’s broadcast of the game: ‘Moore flied out to left, Moore out.

“We were careless,” Seattle manager Scott Servais said, “and we need to tighten that up. There’s no question about it.”

Despite Moore’s ridiculous bunt with the game on the line, Seattle scored three runs in the eighth to turn the game around and win 6-4.

“Seattle’s 66th win of the season will go down as the strangest of the year,” Sports Illustrated said.

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