There are still two teams buried in the depths of winter in this year’s professional football, which are laughing at the spring breeze amidst the growing number of spectators. Gangwon FC and Suwon Samsung remain in the relegation zone (10th to 12th) until four months after the opening, worrying about a fall in the second division.

The terrible sluggishness of Gangwon and Suwon is also interpreted as the cause of poor power.

Gangwon scored only 7 goals in 12 games this year, the lowest among 12 clubs, compared to 12 goals at this time last year. It is regrettable that Gangwon’s ‘double 토토사이트 wings’ Kim Dae-won (1 assist) and Yang Hyeon-joon (1 goal, 1 assist), who led the attack last year, cannot survive.

Yang Hyeon-joon recently gained confidence, but Kim Dae-won fell into a slump to the point of being pushed out as a bench resource rather than a starter. Frontline strikers such as Dino and Lee Jeong-hyeop are not in a condition to play their part due to injuries.

Suwon is slightly better than Gangwon, but the defense is shaky, so the concern is bigger.

He failed to achieve double-digit goals as he failed to fill the vacant position left by Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic), who saved Suwon last year. Suwon even overlapped the vicious cycle of scoring the most goals (21) compared to scoring (9). This is the reason why Suwon failed to finish in last place even after throwing the first chance of changing the command tower.

In the soccer field, it is analyzed that Gangwon and Suwon desperately need to strengthen their strength if they want to rebound. Both teams are eagerly awaiting the summer transfer window, which opens on June 23.

Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo said, “I received a promise from CEO Kim Byung-ji that he would make some reinforcements in the summer.” Last winter, only 3 players were reinforced, so I was eager to fill in the gaps as much as possible in the transfer market this summer. Director Choi joked, “It’s like biting your molars and talking,” and said, “I believe it because the CEO promised it.” In Suwon, on the contrary, the club is in a hurry to reinforce its power first. Oh Dong-seok, general manager of Suwon, promised, “We are discussing a quick normalization by preparing (recruitment) in the second half.”

Gangwon and Suwon’s extraordinary willingness to invest is expected to make the competition for survival in the relegation zone even more intense. Gangwon stayed in 11th place around the same time last year, but I have a clear memory of advancing to Final Round A in 6th place. On the contrary, Suwon suffered the humiliation of a promotion playoff due to a fall at the end of last year, and it is evaluated that more efforts should be made to avoid repeating the same difficulties.

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