Reporter Kwon Hyeok-joon = NC Dinos are not catching Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myung-ki, who were released as free agents this offseason. Both players have not been able to find a new nest until the season opener approaches.

He will also be in the NC outfield, and the ‘FA duo’ with a total of 16.4 billion won, such as Park Gun-woo and Son Ah-seop, is holding out, and Jason Martin, who has a big league career, is holding out as a new foreign player, so there is no gap. With three solid starters holding out, it is inevitable that even a player from the original team will feel burdened by spending additional money on an outfielder.

However, it is impossible to play a long season with only starting players. A backup in case the main players leave is an essential element of a strong team.

Moreover, Kim Ki-hwan, who emerged as a backup outfielder last year, was dismissed for dishonor for causing an accident while driving drunk, so a backup agent is needed.

In the midst of this, Han Seok-hyeon (29), who was recruited as a ‘Futures FA’ in the offseason, can be a good alternative. Han Seok-hyun, who played only for the LG Twins after his debut in 2014, signed a contract for an annual salary of 39 million won and built a new nest in NC.

With the Futures FA system disappearing at the end of this year, Han Seok-hyun remains as the last ‘Futures FA’ transfer case along with Lee Hyung-jong, who transferred from LG to Kiwoom. Although he does not receive the spotlight as much as other free agents worth billions of won, NC expects that Han Seok-hyun will be able to strengthen his outfield depth. 온라인바카라

Han Seok-hyun only played 31 games in the first team stage at LG. He even drew attention for a while in 2021, but it wasn’t easy to get a spot in the first team because LG’s outfield competition is so fierce. To him, NC can be a land of new opportunities.

Han Seok-hyun, who is currently sweating at the team spring camp in the United States, said, “Since I joined a new team, I want to show more of what I have. I prepared earlier than before and improved my condition quickly.”

Han Seok-hyun’s realistic goal is to remain in the first team. He doesn’t know what his entry management will be like, but he should find a spot or two for a backup in addition to his three starting outfielders. A fierce competition with Kim Seong-wook, who returned after being discharged from the military, is predicted.

Han Seok-hyun said, “I became close with the players while doing personal exercise from January. I have no difficulty adapting to the camp because the same outfielders take good care of me.”

He said, “The purpose of the Futures free agent is very good, but it also means that I have stayed in the second team for a long time.” I made up my mind.

NC coach Kang In-kwon also plans to pay attention to the outfielder competition along with the 4th and 5th starters during this camp. This spring camp could be an important turning point in deciding whether Han Seok-hyun will be able to play the ‘full-time first team’ for the first time since his debut.

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