Nowadays, the younger generation is called MZ. They are more assertive than before. They can be described as individualistic, but they are also very communicative and independent. They prefer a free lifestyle.

And it’s a shame. While living in the good times, they repeat the bad habits of the previous generation. MZs have two sides to them.

As an older generation, I want to inherit only good things, but the reality is that this is not the case. Of course, it’s our fault for not passing it on properly.

However, there are definitely things that the MZ generation needs to change themselves.

Just look at the assault, gambling, and drinking problems in baseball. When I was in the game, these behaviors could be covered up. It never occurred to me that my baseball career would end. I didn’t think my baseball career would ever end.

It’s different now. It’s not as easy to hide something that’s happened from within. If the coaching staff and trainers keep their mouths shut, it’s dereliction of duty. The assertive Gen MZ athlete will not be silenced, so it is no longer possible to say, “I’m sure this will be okay.

In the 90s, when I first wore a professional uniform, I was beaten by my seniors for no reason. In the 2000s, you got hit for a reason. If you broke discipline or had an accident, a senior would hit a junior. Nowadays, however, it’s a no-no for any reason. Next to beatings, gambling cannot be avoided by being weak. Gambling itself is wrong. So is drinking alcohol.

The times have changed. Moreover, the era of personal media like YouTube has opened up. The scope and frequency of exposure has changed. A baseball player drinking a beer is exposed in real time. It is filmed and published by an unspecified number of people. MZ generation baseball players need to keep this in mind.안전놀이터

Baseball players live off the love of their fans, but the public eye is strict. They shouldn’t forget that love can be just as harsh as criticism. The slightest mistake can end a player’s baseball career.

As many cases have shown, there is no forgiveness for baseball players, and the rehabilitation system is weak. If you”re not careful, you can say goodbye to the game you”ve been playing your whole life. Teams don’t keep problem players either. With the exception of a few players, teams usually terminate their contracts to solve the problem.

That”s why it”s important for Generation MZ players to avoid even the smallest mistakes as public figures. They shouldn”t repeat their predecessors. Generation MZ athletes should only learn from the good and discard the bad.

Assaults, gambling, and drunkenness, which were common in the past, don”t belong to the MZ generation. Nevertheless, the behavior of some young athletes is still stuck in the past, so I have a message for the younger generation.

“Only learn the good things from the past, because you can go downhill in one fell swoop.”

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