In the professional soccer K League 1 (Won) match between FC Seoul and Gangwon FC, a misjudgment controversy arose, and the Korea Football Association referee committee judged it as a misjudgment.

In the game held on the 26th, Seoul Palosevich shook the net in extra time in the second half when Gangwon led 3-2.

However, the referee blew a whistle when Palosevich shot, and declared a foul against Kim Jin-ya, who was competing in front of the gate in the immediate situation.먹튀검증

With this whistle, the game ended with Gangwon’s 3-2 victory, and Seoul lost one point.

The refereeing committee decided not to assign the referee Chae Sang-hyeop to the match this weekend after seeing the match referee. Reporter Jung Joo-hee

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