Park Jung-ah wears a Pepper Savings Bank uniform.

After completing the 2022-2023 season, Park Jung-ah, who obtained her third free agent (FA) qualification, signed a contract with Pepper Savings Bank on the 17th. Wearing the third uniform. The terms of the contract were delivered for the maximum amount of three years.

Park Jeong-ah, born in 1993, graduated from a male and female high school and joined as a founding member of IBK Industrial Bank as a priority for a new team in the 2011-2012 season rookie draft. Park Jung-ah, who showed off her powerful attack power, made a big contribution to IBK IBK’s three-time champion (2012-2013, 2014-2015, 2016-2017).

Afterwards, Park Jung-ah obtained FA qualification and transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation. In the first season after his transfer, Park Jung-ah was very active and led the team to V1. It was his best performance in the 2017-2018 season that proved his worth.먹튀검증

In addition to his performance at the Korea Expressway Corporation, Park Jung-ah was active as the national team’s main gun during the off-season. Last year, he served as the captain after Kim Yeon-kyung and became the center of the national team.

His performance continued on his team as well. In the 2022-2023 V-League Championship Final, which ended on the 6th, Park Jung-ah smiled as she scored the final goal to announce Korea Expressway Corporation’s victory.

Park Jeong-ah, who had won the championship ring five times at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea Expressway Corporation, chose a new challenge. I politely declined the proposal of IBK Industrial Bank, who had been with Korea Expressway Corporation and IBK during my rookie days, and chose Pepper Savings Bank, which finished the first two seasons with difficulty as a new team.

In the founding season, Pepper Savings Bank was at the bottom with 3 wins and 28 losses, and in the 2022-2023 season, it had to accept a report card like a remote island far from the other 6 teams with 5 wins and 31 losses. Park Jung-ah, who had already won without a win, needed new goals and challenges. Park Jung-ah, who put her life and death on the national team’s performance during the off-season, has a desire to lead a new team to leap forward in the new season. It was not easy to say goodbye to the dear Korea Expressway Corporation family, but it was a difficult decision.

Pepper Savings Bank focused on recruiting Park Jeong-ah. Even at the negotiating table, the message was delivered neatly. In addition, the new director of Aachen Kim personally wrote and delivered a letter, and CEO Jean Matthew’s will was also delivered. With the full support of the owner and coach, Park Jung-ah was moved.

Eventually, at the moment of the final decision, Park Jung-ah chose Pepper Savings Bank. Despite the unfavorable situation of having to go on a long expedition while training in Gwangju, Park Jung-ah’s heart was already heading to Pepper Stadium.

Pepper Savings Bank is expected to achieve a sharp rise in power with the recruitment of Park Jung-ah. Together with outside hitter Lee Han-bi, we can continue our strong attack. The formation of a triangular formation with new foreign players is also expected. In the team, Oh Ji-young, who led the team to the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics, is in the middle of the defense, so Park Jung-ah’s height and offensive power are expected to be a great help to the team.

The 2023 FA market has entered the final phase as the destination of the Big 3 has been decided. In particular, Park Jung-ah’s transfer to Pepper Savings Bank is attracting attention as it foreshadows a change in the leaderboard next season.

As Pepper Savings Bank succeeded in recruiting Park Jung-ah, it became the FA market winner this time.

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